Cooperation with penetration testers is not easy for every manager out there. They are all people, but many managers tend to ignore this fact and either look down on them or avoid direct contact. Some even ignore their voices. Obviously,

Dawid Bałut

Dawid Bałut 16.07.2018

The e-commerce industry is the most prone to hacking attacks because of many factors: low level of security measures in companies, large amounts of data that can be stolen and direct connections of e-commerce sites with payment services. Let’s analyze the

Dawid Bałut

Dawid Bałut 12.06.2018

Conducting penetration tests on your own is extremely difficult, so most companies decide to outsource this activity. There are some secrets that can help you take the maximum out of the pentersters’ work and maximize the benefits in a way,

Dawid Bałut

Dawid Bałut 08.05.2018

Dawid Balut, TestArmy Cyber Security Director’s column, part one. Why will the security testers’ work always be equally important? What is the future of IT security industry? What influence on our Cyber Security Director’s opinion on this matter had his

Dawid Bałut

Dawid Bałut 12.04.2018

Who inside a company is really responsible for security? What are the challenges facing the security industry and which companies need testing? What does the testing process look like and how is it carried out? The following interview is answered

Dawid Bałut

Dawid Bałut 26.02.2018

There are more and more virtual stores, and at the same time the number of people who frequent these sites is also rapidly increasing. According to a report conducted by Gemius, almost half of Polish Internet users have made online purchases