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Webinar: How to deal with remote software testing services – 5 steps to success


When: 2nd of April (Thursday) at 6PM GMT+1
Where: Link to our webinar room will be sent with the confirmation after signing up

Are you either an entrepreneur, COO or a CEO of a company, and you found yourself in this new reality, where everyone has to work remotely? Let us help you and introduce you to many ways of how to overcome every obstacle that you may find with #remoteworking via a webinar. From your employees engagement, to simply keeping them a part of the them and how to accomplish every given task to satisfy your clients.

Sign up to our free webinar. You can learn more about:

✔️ how to approach a customer’s business needs without having a real life meeting with them,

✔️ how to conduct a deep analysis on our customer’s needs using only remote ways,

✔️ how to choose the perfect employee for a certain project – which aspects should we focus on while assigning employees to customers,

✔️ how we prepare to kick-off our project with our clients

✔️ how to organize daily stand-ups and keep the Scrum Masters happy

✔️ how to choose best online communication software – which are the most popular, which do we use most often

Lucky enough, TestArmy Group has always had the remote-first approach when it comes to our software testers and QA engineers’s work. In fact, that’s what our company is based on. All of our employees services are easily being delivered to our clients all over the world, while they are at our office in either Wroclaw or Lodz. Since we have been doing this for over 10 years, we have gained a lot of knowledge, and now is the perfect time to share it with you. Our Business Development Manager – Jan Szagdaj and QA Engineer – Karolina Orłowska will tell you everything they know about #remotework.

Our guests:

Jan Szagdaj – Business Development Manager of TestArmy Group in USA. He explores the exciting world of QA and developing new products due to business needs for already 4 years. Jan is the first person you can contact, if you are interested in any of our QA and cybersecurity services as well as basketball both in Europe and NBA. 😉

Karolina Orłowska – Quality Assurance Engineer. Karolina is one of our younger stars, for 3 years she has been delivering excellent QA services to the customers all around the world all thanks to her outstanding English skills. Karolina has also a great experience with remote work, and with that experience comes many observations, tips, and a lot of knowledge. 

See you at the webinar! 

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Agnieszka Polak 01.04.2020

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