Case Study

Origintag - Security

About the Company

Origintag is a multi-national company that specializes in smart packaging. They currently offer the most advanced product communication platform that is based off of NFC/RFID technologies.

Origintag’s smart packaging solutions are widely used in Security and Logistics Management and as a marketing tool for Consumer Communication. Their solutions have a wide variety of usages that enable companies to prevent theft or target specific groups of customers.

The Mission

Our mission was to help Origintag complete security testing on their smart packaging solutions in an allotted timeframe. This included testing the communication between NFC tags in regards to the sending and receiving devices and their mobile/web applications. After the initial testing, we also performed retesting to ensure that everything was functioning correctly and securely.


After completing the testing we gave Origintag a detailed security report indicating the security problems that we discovered. We also conducted retesting which allowed us to review and provide feedback on solutions regarding the weak spots we found during the initial test. Origintag was extremely satisfied with our report because it gave them the insight to easily optimize their application and its communication with the server.