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Case Study

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Soundian - Functionality, GUI, UX

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About the Company

Soundian is an application that enables users to add sounds to GIFs and share them on social media or through various messaging services. Soundian is available on iOS and Android devices.

The Task:

We were tasked to follow a script simulating the average user experience with the application. This included downloading the app, using it and then sharing the results on social media. In addition, we stayed in constant communication with the developer to ensure that everything we were testing matched their needs.

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For this app, 17-18 testers carried out tests on 30 devices, mostly utilizing Android and iOS platforms. This included the then brand new iPhone 7, which we had to familiarize ourselves with in order to simulate a typical user experience.

In addition, we were able to accommodate our client’s request to have testers in the same age range as their target audience, which would give the developer a better idea of how the app would be received.

As usual, we provided our client with a detailed list of bugs along with the actions that triggered those technical problems. Besides just reporting the technical bugs, we also included a review of how the app appeared on each tested device in regards to each device’s physical characteristics.


In 4 days, we completed the testing along with the bug report for Soundian. We also provided the client with a questionnaire regarding our test group’s attitudes and feelings towards the app to give them an idea of how the target audience might react to it.

We regularly see that small-medium sized companies are often worried about budget restrictions when they discuss testing. We always prioritize our client’s needs in order to deliver exactly what is needed to keep them in budget.

Soundian is another example of why relationships are more important than the bottom line. Because we had previously worked with this developer, we knew exactly what needed to be done and how to prioritize those actions in the most cost effective manner.

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