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Testing Special Forces

Military grade accuracy at vulnerability detection. Order security tests, learn all about your susceptibilities and how to get rid of them. Make sure that you and your clients are safe.

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According to the research, almost every fifth small and medium-sized company experienced data loss in 2019. The greatest sources of threats are hardware failures and the carelessness and inattention of employees.

Szymon Drosdzol, Pentester

Take a closer look at your processes, projects and the general outline of your company's software production procedures to learn what can be streamlined.

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There are over 10 thousand kinds of different mobile devices, so picking something suitable for tests is a tough job. Our well equipped lab is the solution for this problem.

Jarek Rafa, Test Project Manager

Check whether your application production operation went according to the orders. A thorough inspection will test whether your users can handle it capably.

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Lack of testing or an improperly conducted testing process have already caused major disasters and huge financial losses (eg. Ariane5 rocket and Mars Orbiter probe catastrophes).

Ewa Kienc, Test Project Manager

Can your system survive a massive increase of traffic and sustain its stability and performance? Order a series exercises to simulate various types of workload and help eliminate bottlenecks.

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We use mobile apps in short breaks between everyday chores. If these apps are not fast enough or unstable, we just look for alternatives.

Jacek Okrojek, Test Automation Lead


Meet our divisions and find out how an alliance with TestArmy can make your product even better.

Close relations with the client

We will join your team to form a coherent unit, just as if we have always been with you. You will miss our support, once we finish the mission.

Individual approach to the project

We will loyally work to make you proud of your project and concentrate all our forces on solving your problems.

Experience of testing veterans

We will make sure that every person delegated to you is a testing veteran. No rookie privates can be deployed on major missions, our testers gain experience only on the toughest jobs.


We swiftly adapt to changing conditions on the battlefield. Nothing can outdo our intelligence forces.

They already recommend TestArmy

During our cooperation TestArmy delivered high quality services which were always done on time
Michal Walczynski - E-commerce Manager, Samsung Electronics
TestArmy confirmed their high commitment and sufficient knowledge and experience in order to accomplish all the set goals. We want to highlight that we could also shape testing for our needs and methods of operation
Joanna Kotlowska - Director of Development, Cineworld Cinemas
Fast and efficient communication between the teams of testers and developers allows us to recommend TestArmy as a stable and reliable business partner
Jedrzej Kaminski - QA engineer, EyeEm
TestArmy has participated substantially in our processes and has brought value to our team
Krzysztof Choma - CEO, Nomtek
I appreciated the communication between our teams, as well as TestArmy's fast work
Alan Pilarz - Project Manager, Origintag
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