TestArmy ebook QA trends 2019

Be sure to download our new report and follow the latest trends in QA, Cybersec, IoT, DevOps and more!


TestArmy QA Trendbook

TestArmy ebook QA trends for 2019

TestArmy QA Trendbook 2019

The change dynamics in the IT sector are deeply affected by the pace at which the modern world evolves. Therefore we, beholders and practitioners standing in the middle of those changes, have decided to gather our knowledge and look ahead. The result of our work is the following trendbook that contains:

BDQX – our answer to digital transformation
Cybersecurity – modern threats and how to deal with them
QA – ever-growing importance of the role
IoT – maintaining quality in a hyperconnected world
DevOps – quality at speed software development. What does it mean and why it’s so popular?
Automation – where to implement? How will AI & Machine Learning affect it?

Download the trendbook and take a glimpse into the future, that is right behind the corner.


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