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Recently, IBM researchers released a study outlining an average cost of a ransomware attack – which amounted to be $4.44 million in 2020. At first glance, this figure might seem astronomical. After all, if a business has a sound backup

Paweł Wałuszko

Paweł Wałuszko 31.03.2021

Creating a functional and pleasing design for your website is no longer enough to attract more users. These days, you must take into account broadly understood usability, which improves the overall satisfaction of website users. However, even if the website


Zuzanna Skalska 19.01.2021

Every website, shop or application owner has heard at least once that performance is worth taking care of. Even if we just take into consideration page loading time – as Amazon has shown, a delay of just 0.1 second in

Agnieszka Polak

Agnieszka Polak 13.01.2021

These days our whole life has shifted to the Internet. On the web, we maintain relationships with friends, keep in touch with colleagues and of course… do our shopping. Most online stores have now taken the upper hand over their

Agnieszka Polak

Agnieszka Polak 13.01.2021

The biggest challenge for delivery teams, in the current environment of repeating disruptions is to prepare for testing products of the future. Those are solutions that no one has seen, are part of daily operations for developers and testers. In

Michał Buczko

Michał Buczko 18.12.2020

TestArmy Rated by Clutch as one of Poland’s top Cybersecurity Firms for 2020 We just received exciting news here at TestArmy! Clutch analyst Alexa Goodrow just called our founder to let him know that TestArmy is again listed as one


Zuzanna Skalska 28.07.2020

Recently, our whole life has shifted to the Internet. On the web, we maintain our relationships with friends, contact with colleagues and of course… buy. Most of  online shops have now taken over their stationary counterparts. Major players are enjoying

Agnieszka Polak

Agnieszka Polak 06.05.2020

When: 2nd of April (Thursday) at 6PM GMT+1Where: Link to our webinar room will be sent with the confirmation after signing up Are you either an entrepreneur, COO or a CEO of a company, and you found yourself in this new reality,

Agnieszka Polak

Agnieszka Polak 27.03.2020

TestArmy Ranked Among 2020’s Best Penetration Testing Service Providers Our team here at TestArmy has some exciting news to announce! Clutch.co listed us as one of the top penetration testing service providers in the world for 2020! In uncertain times,

Agnieszka Polak

Agnieszka Polak 24.03.2020

When it comes to solving business problems and achieving desired outcomes, studies indicate that it’s not the process that matters the most, but rather, whether every member of your team is on the same page. If development isn’t aligned to

Agnieszka Polak

Agnieszka Polak 17.02.2020

Last month Deloitte has released a new report – Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe 2019, and we are honored to announce that TestArmy Group S.A. is in the top 20. companies! It is a great honor and a great

Redakcja TestArmy

Redakcja TestArmy 06.11.2019