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When it comes to solving business problems and achieving desired outcomes, studies indicate that it’s not the process that matters the most, but rather, whether every member of your team is on the same page. If development isn’t aligned to


Last month Deloitte has released a new report – Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe 2019, and we are honored to announce that TestArmy Group S.A. is in the top 20. companies! It is a great honor and a great


The second edition of PerfGuild online conference (8-9 April) will gather 15+ big names from the industry. We proudly announce that Jacek Okrojek, TestArmy’s Lead Test Automation Engineer will be one of them. His prelection will consider the topic of


The digitalization of the modern world is a powerful process, that proceeds as you read these words. Digital transformation is all about creating new and altering existing business processes, culture and customer experience in order to meet new market requirements.


Nowadays, we are all in a constant rush and becoming more and more impatient. We need to pay our bills fast, quickly late order a birthday present for our loved ones, find a nice last-minute vacation deal swiftly or just

Jakub Wąsikowski

Jakub Wąsikowski 11.02.2019

One of the most common ways cybercryminals work nowadays is data theft. Becoming a target of such practice can be really painful, especially if your data contain some crucial informations for your company. Being fully aware of that, we want to increase cyber awareness for executives and VIPs.

Dawid Bałut

Dawid Bałut 18.01.2019

Do you, as a tester, know the feeling after getting invited to a new project and your first meeting is going to start in a moment?

Tomek Fortuna

Tomek Fortuna 10.01.2019

Once again TestArmy has proven its worth. The latest Clutch research places us among the top global B2B Companies!


Can you foresee an increase of traffic on a website so rapid, that it completely disables it? Think about what happened to WilliamsF1.com after they released the news about Robert Kubica becoming their new driver and talk about performance testing.


CyberForces cybersecurity special unit is a new, autonomous cybersecurity special group, freshly formed by the best security experts of TestArmy.


Cooperation with penetration testers is not easy for every manager out there. They are all people, but managers tend to ignore this fact and either look down on them or avoid direct contact. It never ends well.

Dawid Bałut

Dawid Bałut 16.07.2018