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7 Reasons You Should Get a Professional UX Audit


A professional UX audit is nothing more than gathering feedback from experts who specialize in mobile and web design. A fresh look at your software by a group of experts can spot minor as well as major design issues.

Everyday here at TestArmy, our team of in-house experts successfully carry out professional UX audits. Even before we officially start, we begin searching for key errors on pages or mockups, giving recommendations and re-creating the architecture again. Our activities are supported by our constantly growing knowledge and years of experience.

Here are the 7 reasons why you should get a professional UX audit:

1. Testing applications and websites at the early stages of development and at different intervals gives you to the chance to spot potential errors early. Quick expert tests, like the ones we run at TestArmy, are useful to catch these errors before they become costly problems.

2. Experts can find many problems in different areas of the software. They explore EVERY aspect of the software, and don’t focus on one element or particular scenario. That gives the experts a broader perspective and enables them to see mistakes that you may have overlooked.


3. Because experts explore every aspect of your software with an independent viewpoint, they are more likely to have similar feedback to your potential customers. This helps make your software more appealing for your target audience.

4. Expert audits are faster than usability tests with users (onsite or remote).

5. Professional audits are cost effective; they allow you to get feedback during the development process, which saves your developers/designers’ time and enables you to catch and fix bugs before they become costly problems that effect your customers.

6. We suggest that your professional audit be conducted by a group of experts (2-3) like we do here at TestArmy, which eliminates the problem of one-sided opinions or the preferences of one expert cluttering your report.

7. The biggest advantage of a professional report is that it will not only identify problems but will provide ready-made solutions to problems and suggestions on how to implement the recommended changes. Here at TestArmy, we take pride in catching bugs, and then providing solutions to prevent them from reoccurring.


This text was inspired by our own experiences as well as the following article:



Article written by:


Paulina Solecka – UX Specialist



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