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Business-Driven Quality eXcellence – a way to harness digital transformation.


The digitalization of the modern world is a powerful process, that proceeds as you read these words. Digital transformation is all about creating new and altering existing business processes, culture and customer experience in order to meet new market requirements. It’s fully customer-centric, as the user becomes the beginning and end of how you think and interact with the business environment. BDQX might be just the solution you need.

Growth or survival?

There is no doubt – the digital era affects your company. The way it happens depends on how well you can adjust your products and services to the new reality. The key is to become (or remain) flexible and introduce changes and features in your products faster. The ability to innovate becomes critical for any kind of business, as innovations are exactly what the customers want. Meeting their expectations (especially the ones they’re not aware of) is a way to win them and as a consequence grow and scale on an organisation level. Nonetheless, this can be done only when you comply with some requirements. These are:

  • properly defined and verified business value
  • correct and robust agile culture implementation
  • preserving the highest quality during the whole process.

Digital transformation can serve as leverage or become a key factor in your business demise.

What path do I take?

If you want to remain present and develop your business, there are certain areas you need to focus on. One of them is connected directly with quality. Along with digital transformation, one of the biggest improvements and changes has affected Quality Assurance. The role of QA specialist has moved from a manual tester whose job was to catch bugs and report them. Nowadays they’ve got plenty of hats to wear with two most important being:

  • Ops-QA – filling the gap between operations and development. Their task is to prevent defects from appearing, as they engrain the view of quality as both devs and ops responsibility
  • Business-QA – serving as a business analyst that crystalize the business value proposition. He also serves as a source of business metrics, giving input into development and growth

Therefore the path you choose must involve a QA specialist that is focused on delivering wide services that consist of much more than bug hunting.

What is BDQX?

Business Driven Quality-eXcellence is a TestArmy’s unique approach developed to help our clients evolve and seamlessly fit in the digital era. It focuses on three major fields our results-oriented QA services take place:

TestArmy BDQX Triangle EN

While implementing BDQX solutions, we rely heavily on deep business understanding, working in agile methodologies, applying automation and adopting lean thinking.

If you’re interested in BDQX approach as well as the future of cybersecurity, automation and IoT, you can read more in our new Trendbook.

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