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Our Global Influence is Growing!


If you follow our blog or our social media sites, you will have noticed that TestArmy has gone through a rebranding. However, as we previously mentioned, our changes aren’t just aesthetic.

In addition to our rapidly expanding team of testers located here in our offices, we have been adding many new faces to our crowdtesting ranks.

In less than 6 months we have managed to double the size of our crowd army to 7,000+ testers in over 50 countries. But we’re not stopping there, we’re always looking for new testers to join our ranks. If you’d like more information about our army, check it out here.

As a result of this expansion we have been able to expand our knowledge base in different markets and make connections with testers and companies across the world. This enables us to better serve our international customers and find testers better suited to their needs.


How does adding testers into our TestArmy can help our clients?

‘Pokemon Go’ is a perfect example of a GPS sensitive application

We are now able to test projects on regional devices and networks. In addition, this can also help our clients check the language settings of their software before it hits a foreign market.

With more and more software becoming integrated with the world around us, GPS sensitive applications are becoming more and more popular. With testers located within a certain region or in the target area of our clients, we can now provide quality, accurate feedback straight from our clients’ target audience.

Plus, with testers scattered all over the world, we now can offer more options to our clients when it comes to working hours and flexibility.

Our certified testers here in Wroclaw have always been and always will be here to help our clients with their projects, no matter what the hour. But with testers located closer to the client, we can give more credible and viable feedback as our clients put the finishing touches on their projects.

Let’s take a look at our updated numbers:


What’s Next?

So what’s next for TestArmy? We’re going to keep growing and developing until we become the ultimate “goto” partner for QA.

We’ve already been active in testing virtual reality (VR) and various devices connected with Internet of things (IoT), and as we continue to update our laboratory equipment we plan to be even more active in those respective spaces.

When we think of the progress that we have made, we’re happy with our results. However, there is one quote that comes to mind for all of us here at TestArmy:

“When you say you are satisfied, it is safe to say that all progress will stop.”

Just because we’re happy with our progress doesn’t mean we’re satisfied with where we are. We are driven to keep improving, to keep challenging the standards of software testing and to find new ways to deliver quality reports to our clients.


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