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It’s Finally Here!


Testing in Software Houses is the new, completely free ebook on quality assurance and testing from TestArmy. Download it and improve your company in no time!

As we’ve mentioned in one of our previous blogs, we’ve been working on creating a comprehensive e-book titled ‘Software Testing in Software Houses’. Even though the book is specifically targeted towards software houses, it’s filled with interesting data and facts that are useful to anyone who creates software and applications.

What can you find inside?

In our e-book, we cover a wide range of topics ranging from how much of a project’s budget successful software houses dedicate to QA to the various options that developers can choose from when it comes to quality assurance management.

Still think an e-book about testing is not the most exciting literature? When only 16% of users will give your application a second chance after failure, it’s important to know how to avoid losing 84% of your customers in the first place.

In addition, we take a look at two entertaining case studies where companies realized the consequences of not investing in QA. No matter what kind of software you’re creating, upsetting your customers is the last think you want to do.

How can you get your copy?

We’re happy to deliver our first ever e-book to you free of charge! All you have to do is click the button below and fill in your email address and we will send the ebook right to your email!


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