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Meet Our Two Latest Additions – Software Testing Lab Update


Here at TestArmy we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality testing services for our clients. And with clients like Philips, Rendra and YaCap we must be doing something right. Maybe our software testing lab is key to the success?

As you may remember back in June, we talked about how our global influence was growing, and we are proud to inform you that it has continued to grow over the past months.

Our growth is not accidental and it’s a trend that we see continuing well into 2018! We have recently brought in new testers, 100% of which are ISTQB Certified, and we now have over 5,000 testers in over 50 countries, making us ready for any project you can throw at us.

And in case we forgot to mention, we also run our own testing academy where we have trained over 500 qualified testers in the past 2 years.

However, in our industry having passionate testers is only half the battle. Without the proper equipment a passionate army is nothing. Imagine soldiers going into battle with outdated equipment, no matter how passionate they are they won’t stand a chance.

Software testing lab update

Software Testing Lab Update

That is why we’re proud to announce our newest additions to our device lab: the iPhone 8 and iPhone X! We waited a long time to get these devices in our lab and now that we finally have them we can’t wait to start testing on them!

We should mention that this isn’t just a one-off event, but something that happens on a regular basis here in our offices. Currently, we have over 120 devices in our lab, all of which are only used to test our clients’ projects.

By maintaining our own device lab, and having thousands of testers spread out across the world, we can guarantee our clients that they will receive the exact type of testing they want, on the devices that are important to them.


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