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The Christmas season is the busiest time for ecommerce businesses. Are your sure your website is efficient enough to cope with increased traffic? Use our performance testing tips to find out!

Jacek Okrojek

Jacek Okrojek 23.11.2017

It seems that quality assurance is the foundation of any firm that seriously approaches its’ business. Unfortunately, there are still situations where project partners skip the testing stage. The consequences of such decision are always tragic!

Łukasz Pietrucha

Łukasz Pietrucha 21.11.2017

Search engines are an omnipresent element of websites. Not all of them, however, are useful. Do you know all user experience tricks to make sure users are satisfied?


A professional UX audit is nothing more than gathering feedback from experts who specialize in mobile and web design. A fresh look at your software by a group of experts can spot minor as well as major design issues.


Whenever we surf the Internet, we almost always face the need to fill out forms. A large number of these forms contain errors, incorrect descriptions and lack of instructions. This user experience hell hurts the conversion rate!


Do your clients randomly quit the purchasing process or give up at the payment page? If any of this are true then you need some advice from a real User Experience expert!


We recently had time to sit down with the CTO of Visuality to discuss how they handle QA and how they incorporate QA into their development processes. Find out what we’ve learned!


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Software testing is a process that requires maximum meticulousness and precision. That is why every company needs a dedicated project manager to focus on supervising QA activities.


What are TestArmy and CyberForces? What is the idea behind forming the Testing Special Forces? How did we influence the software testing industry? Find out all abut us from this testimony!


If you follow our blog or our social media sites, you will have noticed that TestArmy has gone through a rebranding. However, as we previously mentioned, our changes aren’t just aesthetic.