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At TestArmy, we have a strong focus on leadership, security, training, and expertise. If you’ve known us for some time, you’ll know that that we’ve recently been working hard to make this a part of not only our mantra, but

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Redakcja TestArmy 18.04.2017

With over 7 years experience in eliminating errors, TestArmy has gone through its fair amount of changes, and we, the soldiers here at TestArmy have learned a lot of lessons. But not all of these lessons were learned the easy

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Redakcja TestArmy 12.04.2017

Our rebranding was not only about changing our appearance but also about adding new faces to the TestArmy ranks, both in our headquarters and in the field. It seems that these new additions are already paying off!

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Redakcja TestArmy 04.04.2017

If you frequently check our website, you might notice something is a bit different. We’ve recently been busy updating our international division with a new look and a new logo.

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Redakcja TestArmy 28.03.2017

Lots of companies in the software industry will gladly list their references or provide you with numerous successful case studies and their most famous clients. But beyond all of that, what makes them so great? The answer is probably simpler

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Redakcja TestArmy 16.03.2017

If you read our previous blog about the proliferation of mobile devices, you may have been left wondering what would be the best solution to this problem. If you haven’t read our last blog, you probably should to get a

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Redakcja TestArmy 15.01.2017

When we are talking with a client, some of the most difficult questions we ask are “How many devices would you like your project tested on?” and “Which versions?”

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Redakcja TestArmy 20.12.2016

When you’re looking to test your newest project, the worst idea you can have is to say, “I made it, so I know what’s wrong, I’ll test it real quick, and then send it to market.”

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Redakcja TestArmy 12.12.2016

 1. Pick a reputable company if you’re outsourcing While sourcing testers can be done on your own by essentially posting an open call for testers with certain backgrounds, you will be in-charge of coordinating all the details and scripts to

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Redakcja TestArmy 01.12.2016

You think you developed the perfect mobile app or game, and after months of work, you release it to the masses. After a while, you notice that while many users have downloaded your app, it has only been used by

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