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Sometimes the Best Lessons are Learned the Hard Way

Crowd testing

With over 7 years experience in eliminating errors, TestArmy has gone through its fair amount of changes, and we, the soldiers here at TestArmy have learned a lot of lessons. But not all of these lessons were learned the easy way.

The situation

During our company’s infancy, we heavily marketed ourselves on the idea of crowd testing, an idea that has now become pretty widespread throughout the testing industry.

One day, our anonymous client requested our user feedback services for a project that they were about to complete.

To be 100% honest, we didn’t have experience in finding testers outside of our own geographic region, and we didn’t have an established database of veteran testers that we could count on to help us complete the project.

So why did we accept this project? At the time we were confident that we could pull it off and manage to find about 200 testers in 4 different countries in under a month.

We quickly found out that for a new and unrecognized testing company that this would be a situation in which we bit off more than we could chew.

After pushing the deadline back 4-5 times, we managed to find testers, however they were inexperienced and did not provide high-quality feedback for us to deliver to our client.

While the client was still satisfied with the results, we were caught a bit off-guard by the complexity of the task and disappointed with the lack of quality feedback that we delivered to our client.

What we learned

There are a couple of things that, looking back on it, never should have happened. First off, we didn’t have an established recruiting process. This made it difficult for us to find testers to meet our clients needs.

Secondly, we should have had a built up, proven and certified base of testers, which was almost non-existent at that time. So after signing a contract with our client we were immediately in over our heads in terms of capabilities.

After that experience, our project managers realized that we couldn’t continue to market ourselves as a crowd sourced platform until we actually had an established crowd to rely on.

Every cloud has a silver lining

After learning these lessons, we realized that we needed to get down to business and fix our problems to avoid disappointing any future partners.

We recruited new in-house and international testers, a number that has now reached over 5000 testers total! We also expanded our linguistic abilities so we could find testers in countries around the world and deliver a higher quality service to our clients.

Our goal is to be the testing company that can give you exactly what you need, when you need it. No matter where your target users are or what devices they have, we can test it.

Lasting impact

What was once our greatest weakness: finding testers in specific markets is now one of our biggest strengths.

Example: we recently completed a crowd-sourced project for a client whose application was targeted to users located in the Middle East and relied on GPS technologies.

We also regularly conduct crowdtesting projects all over the world and we can modify the specifics of each group down to a certain age range, devices, locations, etc., to ensure you of the best possible results.

Nothing is constant, either you’re always getting worse or improving. We prefer to get better, and we believe in the idea of Kaizen, which is Japanese for ‘continuous improvement’.

Over the years we’ve learned a lot of lessons, sometimes from rough situations like the one mentioned above. But we’re proud of what we learned and we applied that knowledge to improve our services and grow into one of the top 3 testing companies in the world.

Each one of us here in the TestArmy HQ is just as dedicated to constantly improving as we are to delivering the ultimate testing experience. If you want more proof, check out what our clients say about us on Clutch and Facebook.


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