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TestArmy among 2020’s Best Penetration Testing Service Providers


TestArmy Ranked Among 2020’s Best Penetration Testing Service Providers

Our team here at TestArmy has some exciting news to announce! Clutch.co listed us as one of the top penetration testing service providers in the world for 2020! In uncertain times, penetration testing by our team of ethical hackers can give your business the peace of mind that it is secure. That is why we’re honored to be ranked amongst Clutch’s best!

Clutch is located in the heart of Washington DC, where their team of analysts sit ready to conduct client reviews. They independently verify, edit, and curate the content so that you can be confident in your choice of B2B service providers. A good rating on Clutch is the gold standard for B2B service providers.

That is why we’re thrilled to highlight our 4.7-star rating on Clutch! The head of digital marketing at YachtLife highlighted our honesty and how no bugs slipped past us as we conducted application testing for a yacht rental platform.

Thanks to many other five star ratings like that, we’re honored that one of the preeminent online resources has listed us as one of the best IT services firms in the world for 2020!

“We are incredibly proud of this achievement. This is proof of how hard-working and passionate our employees are. This award goes to them, they are the ones that make everything possible. Today, all of us are humbled and very proud to receive this award as it matters greatly to the continual growth of our company. We hope to keep up the hard work and continue to deliver the best services and solutions to our clients all over the world.” – says CEO of TestArmy Group, Tomasz Szpikowski.

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