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TestArmy and SmartBear Join Forces


We are proud to announce the start of our deep cooperation with SmartBear, a worldwide provider of software development and testing tools as well as solutions.Before we talk about the clue of our collaboration, let’s remind what SmartBear is.


SmartBear is a company that every software tester and developer should be familiar with. They keep supporting more than six million IT professionals and more than 22,000 firms all over the world – in 194 countries. As a leader in software quality tools for teams, SmartBear makes sure that software developers and testers deliver their clients top quality and performance products as quickly as possible.

SmartBear’s portfolio contains products that cover the complex needs of software companies, from tools for API testing, UI testing, code review, performance monitoring of mobile, web and desktop apps. They can equip every possible software team in tools to ensure the quality of their work is top notch. For more information, visit: http://smartbear.com, or for the SmartBear community, go to LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

TestArmy is not just a reseller of SmarBear’s products. It is most importantly an experienced and highly qualified testing and education institution. We do not just sell Smartbear’s products, but also help implement them and teach the clients’ teams how to make use of them. Then, we provide ongoing support and efficiently solve all problems.

Our greatest asset is attention to detail and military grade versatility. TestArmy’s specialists are trained veterans of using every kind of testing tools and running training courses. All of our 50+ testers are ISTQB certified.

We will implement Smartbear tools and solutions in the smartest way possible and then ensure, they work flawlessly and securely. It means that Smartbear’s and TestArmy’s collaboration is planned to be multi-threaded. It makes us special and gives us a possibility to elevate the quality of our services to another level.

We are going to start our work with the following SmartBear products:


SmarBear seems to be as excited about the future events as we are. Let’s see where it takes us all and work hard for the coming success!

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