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TestArmy in Computerworld TOP200 report


How did TestArmy organization do in the annual Computerworld TOP200 report?

We proudly announce, that:

TestArmy grows year by year, what can be observed not only by increased traffic in our kitchen but also by our improving positions in IT industry’s most important annual reports. Only yesterday, we received the newest Computerworld TOP200 report and with great satisfaction found out that:

We’re the 4th largest software testing provider in Poland

We’re the 16th fastest growing IT company in Poland

We’re the 62nd fastest hiring  IT company in Poland


All these honours fill us with joy, especially because TestArmy started as 3 guys in one room and today we are a strong team of over 50 testers in our HQ and over 7000 organized in our testing cloud. And who knows what will happen tomorrow?

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