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TestArmy CyberForces founded – cybersecurity special unit!


CyberForces cybersecurity special unit is a new, autonomous cybersecurity special group, freshly formed by the best security experts of TestArmy.

CyberForces is an elite unit designated to fight cyber crime. It was formed in order to grant TestArmy’s security testing veterans more freedom and make them more effective. They have a decade of experience in securing their clients’ systems and protecting them against hackers. Now, as an independent unit, they can focus completely on these goals. CyberForces security experts will blend seamlessly in your team to protect your company from the inside. Their ethical hackers will assault your defense systems in ways you would never expect to find every possible vulnerability and help you get rid of them. Their social engineers will infiltrate your headquarters to teach you alertness. Their Blue Team will react swiftly to cut the hacker’s access to your systems and track them down.

CyberForces mission is to build holistic security systems and programs, as well as, to provide thorough insight into security of companies and applications. Our experts believe in security as the most important factor of business and willingly share their knowledge during training courses, meetups and conferences. CyberForces provides help 24/7/365.


Visit www.cyberforces.com to learn more!

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