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TestArmy Featured Among Clutch’s Top Software Application Testing Firms


At TestArmy, we have a strong focus on leadership, security, training, and expertise. If you’ve known us for some time, you’ll know that that we’ve recently been working hard to make this a part of not only our mantra, but also our brand and our work. As it turns out, we’re succeeding. Leading research firm Clutch has recently recognized our ethos by featuring us among top software application testing firms.

What is Clutch? Clutch is a business-to-business market research firm that investigates thousands of companies across the mobile, web, and software development industries.

Their work focuses on connecting business buyers and sellers through an intensive scoring methodology, facilitating partnerships that will perform.

Every company listed on Clutch is evaluated based on over a dozen criteria that give evidence of their experience, market presence, and ability to deliver great customer service.

Chief among Clutch’s work is the process of speaking directly with our clients. These conversations delve into the details of each client’s satisfaction with the services we’ve provided.

We’re thrilled that six of our clients have already spoken out about our work on Clutch, giving us a 4.8 (out of 5) star average. 

What our clients say

One client, with whom we worked hard to integrate into their team, said:

“I’ve appreciated the quality of the service and Testarmy’s scaling abilities. This is the main value we’ve gotten from them. We collaborate closely. Testarmy is tightly integrated into our workflow, which means that they participate in our processes together with our team. We can thus evolve our methodology and improve together.”

Another client was asked about our team’s quality of work, they stated:

“The communication between our company and theirs was good, and TestArmy delivered the project in the right time. As a deliverable, they gave us a full summary of what we should do to improve our system. TestArmy then did another series of tests after we implemented those changes. Our system is in good order at the moment, so the project was successful.”

One client, the head of project management in a development company, summed up our expertise extremely well: “To be successful with TestArmy, you just need to let them work. They know exactly what to do.”

No time to rest!

We’re grateful that our clients have taken the time to add their feedback to our Clutch profile, and we look forward to continuing to provide partnerships based on leadership, security, training, and expertise in the future.

To find out more about inclusion in Clutch’s research, take a look at their full web, software, and mobile app development segments.


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