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TestArmy is Growing Up! The Story Behind Our New Look


If you frequently check our website, you might notice something is a bit different. We’ve recently been busy updating our international division with a new look and a new logo.

The story behind the rejuvenated identity

Since the conception of our company in 2011, we have identified ourselves as TestArmy, however recently we took a step back to look at what that really means.

We decided to keep the same name, TestArmy, because we identify with the ideas and emotions that people feel when they see the word ‘Army’. The ideas we’re talking about are leadership, security, training, independent and experts.

We feel that our staff of testers and administrators embody those ideals and we strive to implement army-like precision and detail into every project we work on.

But we didn’t stop there.

Our new mantra: “Testing Special Forces”, was also carefully chosen. Special forces in each army across the world are made up of people who go above and beyond what their supposed to do, and accomplish their goals using the most efficient and effective methods.

We’re the special forces for your project. We do the dirty work, we make suggestions, we become invested in your project as your partner and of course we give you a detailed bug report complete with supporting information.

Whatever it is you need, whenever you need it, we’re ready!

What can you find on our new site?

We’ve managed to streamline all of our information to better help you pick a service that suits your needs. In addition, we’ve included new case studies and blogs that can help you get to know more about who we are and how we can help you.

You can also view companies who have trusted us in the past, along with selected testimonials.

Plus, we will be constantly updating our blog, adding new case studies and keep you updated on new developments in the testing and IT sectors.

As an extra bonus, you can now see what testing special forces really look like by meeting our HQ-based team. We feel this adds a personal touch to our new website, and will hopefully make you feel more comfortable with who we are and what we offer.

A new website is great, but did anything change?

We didn’t make a new website just because we felt like doing it. With more and more international clients we thought a new, updated website would help alleviate some of the concerns that our international clients had.

But changing your appearance doesn’t really improve services does it? So in addition to our new style, we’ve also been adding new soldiers to our testing ranks! We now have a whole floor dedicated to our international clients to ensure that we can deliver high-quality, personalized services.

We haven’t changed any of our protocols, or any part of our services that our partners love. We’ve just decided to expand our international capabilities to keep up with our growing demand.

We’re proud to re-introduce ourselves as:

TestArmy: Testing Special Forces, always ready!


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