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TestArmy Named Top Service Provider in Poland


TestArmy’s success story continues! This time we were named the Top Service Provider in Poland by Clutch.co, a leading trusted businesses database. Read the post to learn more.

Testing special forces: from security, automation, through quality assurance to UI/UX designs, TestArmy likes to think that we live up to our name in all of the application testing that we offer. We concentrate our expertise and knowledge to deliver software, apps, and services that are of the utmost quality. Our passion, dedication, and professionalism allow TestArmy to stand out while providing extensive application testing services, so we are happy to share that business insight firms Clutch and The Manifest have recognized our steadfast commitment to excellence by naming TestArmy one of the top software testing firms in the entire industry.

Such acclaim of our proven ability to deliver and reputation for high quality comes from The Manifest and Clutch, both based in Washington, D.C., after their extensive research and evaluation of data from small and medium-sized companies like TestArmy. Having analyzed scores of our prior experience, client satisfaction, market and digital presences, and more, Clutch and The Manifest have comprehensively examined our quantitative and qualitative performances, which ultimately backs our standing as one of the top 10 market leaders in a software testing field of over 600 firms.


Beyond the recognition from professional reviews and insight firms, however, TestArmy wants to thank our clients for their contributions to our high rankings, their trust in us as their technology and testing partner, and for the positive feedback that they left on our Clutch profile as testaments to our performance and service. Some of their words are below:

“I appreciated the communication between our teams, as well as TestArmy’s fast work.”

said Alan Pilarz from Origintag for whom TestArmy provided security testing services. We worked on their mobile app and web panel, focusing on NFC tags and communication between smart devices and the cloud.

“The communication between our company and theirs was good, and TestArmy delivered the project in the right time. As a deliverable, they gave us a full summary of what we should do to improve our system. TestArmy then did another series of tests after we implemented those changes.

Testarmy is reliable and dynamic. The client works directly with Testarmy’s engineers, who are highly skilled. mentioned a second client, Nomtek’s CEO Krzysztof Choma.  

The team is consistently on time and is quick to respond to the client’s needs. They are also able to scale their work easily and quickly based on their clients’ needs. There is absolutely no bad feedback. We can communicate with Testarmy’s managers, but there isn’t a great need to do this. We typically only discuss general needs and specific orders, while most of the work is done directly with Testarmy’s engineers


See for yourself what TestArmy is capable of. If you are interested in any of our software app testing services, have questions or feedback, or are looking to connect further about our experience, reach out to us. TestArmy is eager to share our expertise with you!

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