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What to Look for to Build a Quality Partnership


Lots of companies in the software industry will gladly list their references or provide you with numerous successful case studies and their most famous clients. But beyond all of that, what makes them so great? The answer is probably simpler than you think…

Let’s say you have weighed the pros and cons of software testing and wisely decided to have your project tested by a third party. For you, this is a huge leap of trust and faith, but what are you to them? Are you a simple dollar sign or a new partner?

When you hire a company to help you with a project, you expect them to take care of their basic responsibilities. But the companies that go the extra mile are the ones that are worth their weight in gold. This is true in just about every industry.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at this Business Insider article explaining how fast-food chain Chick-fil-A is outmuscling McDonald’s and KFC in the US market by training employees to make eye contact with a customer and to say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’.

Attributes your Partner Should Have

Why do some people value the local store more than the cheaper, bigger competitor? People are willing to pay a higher price to get better service and to do business with someone who values their needs.

“Need the bags carried to your car? No problem!” and “Forgot your wallet at home? Come back and pay tomorrow!” are phrases you probably won’t hear at a large generic supermarket.

Quality service is something that never goes out of style. If you appreciate the service and the trust that small supermarkets can provide, why would you accept anything less than that atmosphere when you’re paying a third party to provide you with a service?

Here are some reasons why you should partner with a testing company that takes service seriously:

More Bang for your Buck: Not only will they focus on the issues that you describe to them, but they will also find ways to either save you money by conducting the tests under budget or they will go the extra mile to ensure you’re a happy customer.

For companies that focus on relationships and providing a quality service, it won’t matter if you have a small budget or need something out of the ordinary done, they will find a way to make it work and without sacrificing quality.

Feedback and Suggestions: Companies who are successful usually don’t do what their told to do; they do more. A testing company worthy of your hard earned cash takes the tasks assigned to them, completes those tasks, then helps you improve other aspects in your product.

Quality companies believe in the phrase “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing”.

Dedication: If a testing firm takes their clients seriously, they are 100% dedicated to each of their projects. This means being sensitive not only to your time and budgetary requirements, but also your goals, culture and ideas.

If they truly care, they will stay up late to talk to you in California from their offices in Europe, or they will dedicate a team of testers to work exclusively with your developers if your project requires it.

Communication: The basis of any good relationship is communication. Firms dedicated to their clients are willing to keep an open line of communication with your company.

Open communication allows your developers or project managers to direct testers to high priority issues and allows testers to ask questions or give feedback in real time. This can be a lifesaver when you’re on a tight deadline or want to instantly fix issues.

Do your Research

If your goal is to find someone who can deliver high-quality service and value your money, then you should get quotes from different companies and ask questions about their services and their current partners.

We suggest doing as much research as you can before partnering with a testing company. If you both feel comfortable heading into the partnership, it will benefit the quality of your final product.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of attributes that define quality customer service when it comes to software testing. But these are some things you should look for when searching for a reputable firm.

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