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What We’re All About


What are TestArmy and CyberForces? What is the idea behind forming the Testing Special Forces? How did we influence the software testing industry? Find out all abut us from this testimony!

Over the past couple of months, we have gone into detail about our expansion, rebranding and our ascension into the Top 3 of Clutch.co’s ‘Software Application Testing Firms’ ranking. But what exactly do we do, and how do we do it? We’re here to set the record straight and share some reasons behind our success.

What do we do?

To simply answer the question: we test software. But the truth is much more complicated.

A testing company does not just stay on the market for over 7 years by just testing software. We build relationships with our clients. We become their partners. We help them fix problems in their QA processes and give them the tools to create better internal QA processes.

We take pride in what we do, and when our clients work with us, they know exactly whom they are working with. We don’t have any offshore centers, and all of our testers hold an ISTQB certification.

We’re dedicated testers who focus on each individual project and do our best to integrate with our clients’ teams in order to deliver quality software to their customers. Our reputation depends on the reputation of our clients, which is why we never take shortcuts or ‘cost-saving measures’ when it comes to our clients’ projects.

How do we do it?

From day one, each project has a dedicated manager who is in contact with our clients. The manager is present from the first moment that a client discusses a project with us, which enables us to give a more precise cost estimate to our clients.

In addition, once a client partners with us, we will usually have many points of contact with their development team, as our testers usually work with their developers to speed up the development process.

We’re here to accommodate our clients’ needs. If one of our clients sees that their priorities are shifting, we can help them make sure that they will hit their target audience. Plus, with over 100 devices in our internal lab and thousands on our cloud, we’re confident that we can handle any situation that might arise.

The only secret to success is hard work.

We don’t claim to have any magic formula, or shortcuts to success. Our only secret isn’t even a secret, our testers are 100% dedicated to our customers. But what does that mean?

Our testers work when it’s best for our clients. If our client is based in the United States and wants testers to work in unison with his developers, we work the extra hours. The same goes for our clients across 5 different time zones. We work on our clients’ schedules, not our own.

We take pride in what we do, and because our work is a source of pride for us, we won’t stop until we are the go-to destination for any testing situation.

How are we different from everyone else?

This is a question we get asked a lot, and we’re happy to share a couple of the secrets from our success, but the best way to find out is to try us out for yourself.

We’re constantly evolving

We believe that no matter what you do, you’re always getting better or worse. We’re always looking to challenge industry standards, and we’re not just limiting ourselves to smartphones and computers, but we also look for innovative ways to test and record results in the areas of VR and IoT.

What you see is what you get

We don’t claim to be something that we’re not. We really have over 50 full-time testers in our office. We legitimately have over 5,000 testers in 50 different countries waiting for projects. We don’t say these things to brag, we’re just proud to say who we are and what we can offer to you.

When you contact us, it’s one of us that you see on the website answering your email or calling you back. There is no offshore center or hidden partners handling your sensitive data. We are the ones who will work on your project and we stand behind our work, which is why we’re happy to show the world who we are.

Loyal partners

As we mentioned before, staying in the software-testing field for 7 years isn’t something that comes easy, and we haven’t managed to just survive, but we have been thriving!

How is it that we can thrive while most of our competition comes and goes? Our partners! We have managed to create many relationships with partners over the past years, to the point where those partners now have dedicated teams in our offices.

Without delivering high-quality service and bug reports, we probably never would have been able to secure such loyal partners, however they saw something in us from the beginning and our relationships continue to be mutually beneficial.

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