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Case Study

TestArmy figo
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Figo - Crowdtesting

TestArmy figo

About the Company

As a B2B provider, figo enables third parties to access various financial sources. This includes processed data of bank accounts, credit cards, deposits, Paypal accounts, as well as a variety of FinTechs. Initially, companies used the figo solution, for example, to automate bookkeeping, simplify credit checks, or make account changes a trivial issue. In the meantime, more and more banks have counted themselves among the figo customers. They develop products that deliver added value to the user. These applications allow banking to not take place at the bank, but in everyday life, offering aesthetic appeal and ease of use. But assuring top quality here requires a special approach: crowdtesting.

Starting Situation:

In the summer of 2017 Figo contacted TestArmy. The goal was to help them test their latest financial application. This was a new challenge for us. We have conducted crowdtesting projects before, but never on a scale as large as figo needed. This meant that we had to create new processes, try new recruiting techniques and try to get tester from different countries to come together and work on this project while figo opened the  test window. How did we do it? Let’s take a look.

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“We needed the support of independent QA and UX professionals who could verify that the online store was functioning correctly after we implemented changes. Our cooperation with TestArmy has helped us improve the process of implementing changes and brought many solutions to us through their reports.”

Project Manager, Figo.io


Challenges facing our team:

  • Recruiting sufficient testers across various countries
  • Finding testers who had accounts in specific banks and sometimes specific regions within a country
  • Building trust in order to have them testing with their personal bank accounts
  • Gathering information from testers and condensing it into a useful report before testing started on figo’s own application
  • Individually verifying that our our crowdtesting experts have completed the tests
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QA implementation

Initially, our tests with figo started out small as they were still developing the product for other regional markets. This allowed us to work out some early kinks in our processes so we could be better prepared for what was coming. We started the first tests in June 2017. While we could not find enough testers with specific bank accounts to cover 100% of the banks, we did cover the majority of banks, which boded well for our client and us.

TestArmy work-process


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The lessons that we learned from conducting our first tests proved to be useful as we were able to streamline our recruiting and crowdtesting processes. This enabled us to cover the first banks that were available for testing without any problems while also retesting the prepared banks.

After we successfully completed that part of our mission, we moved on to recruiting testers in additional countries.With this cycle we were able to successfully test numerous banks in different countries. We then quickly moved onto the next retest, where we were able to graise the number of banks.

While that might sound great, our work isn’t done. We’ve received orders to expand our scope and we are constantly recruiting new testers. We hope to keep growing the number of banks for our client so they can be sure that their application will be functional in all of their target countries.

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