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Case Study

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Moniaki.pl - User Experience

Testowanie – case study moniaki

About the company

Moniaki.pl is one of the most popular financial blogs in Poland. The authors, who are a team of old friends, focus on x-raying bank offers and their main goal is to reach wide audience and educate the customers about potential risks and benefits resulting from banks’s promotional offers. But to reach wider audience they needed to improve their blog’s usability. Our UX department was ordered to help.


“We believe that the society we create around the blog can somehow influence the banking market. We want the banks to prepare their products in a way beneficiary both for them, as well as for us, their clients.”

TestArmy UX testing

(…) We recognize TestArmy’s openness to our needs as a client and their adjustment of proposed solutions to our set goal. We appreciate the highly professional approach and team’s devotion to the project. It was all very noticeable throughout the whole process of project realization. (…)

Paweł Wróblewski, ILIO – Moniaki.pl


Challenges facing our team:

  • Verification of the proposed functionalities and options on the mock-up website
  • Verification of the filtering usability available on the mock-up website
  • Checking the usefulness of the financial products search corridor
  • A thorough UX audit
TestArmy work-process


  • 16 hours of video from tests, over 150 hours of work done by our specialists, 24 UX related change recommendations
  • After analyzing the interviews, we found out whether searching for the financial products, product listing and narrowing the results is simple and understandable enough for the target audience, or not. We also checked if using the site is a positive experience for the users.
  • Reduction of the test group to people between 20-35 years old who are interested in opening a personal account and people looking for capital investment opportunities.
  • We conducted 60-minute interviews with 16 respondents and carried out loud-thinking protocol research in order to learn the motives behind following steps and behaviours of the website’s users.
  • The study was mainly explorative in its nature, so it allowed for a later analysis and decisions regarding the key issues.

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