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Case Study

Testing – case study neducatio
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N-Educatio - Fuctional

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N-Educatio is a rapidly growing software house, that develops software basing on proven tools and digitalize contents with its original utilities. It’s flagship product – DiGiTiZER – is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, that covers almost every client’s needs, be it a publisher, school, university or just an author directly engaged in content publicity. DiGiTiZER utilizes technologies (for example responsive HTML, cloud computing solutions) that allows optimizing expenditures connected to content creation. Its basic establishment – make once, utilize repeatedly.

Starting situation

Along with Digitizer and Classroom Presentation Tool development, N-Educatio decided to lay the testing process into TestArmy Group hands, to ensure their product guarantee the top quality. Before that, responsibility for testing was on developers and software-users side. Therefore a development team of 15 members received a reinforcement of 3 professional testers.

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We hired N-Educatio to work on seven challenging projects (multimedia boards software) for our National Geographic department. Their development team and content creators were to work with our code in a very specific timetable. N-Educatio delivered all the products on time, which encouraged Cengage Learning to sign a bigger contract concerning future e-learning initiatives.

Aron Keesbury, Director


Challenges facing our testers:

  • Analysis of current situation and implementing the testing process according to N-Educatio expectations and specifications provided by them, as well as with documentation.
  • Covering critical paths of Digitizer platform with test scenarios, that put together into run tests were meant to discover regression issues,
  • Automation of part of tests,
  • Continuously testing new functionalities and software updates.
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QA process implementation

After we’ve gathered all the testing process requirements, we began exploration tests, which were to discover bugs, get to know the application and prepare test cases. In the beginning, functional testing was performed on the “Media Library” repository. All issues found were reported and fixed, As a next step, our specialists began testing other app’s units and started preparing test scenarios, that were later used in regression tests – something N-Educatio really cared about. Then the time has come for the test automation, to shorten testing cycles and lower the cost. That’s why there was one more automation specialist added to the testing team. Apart from DiGiTiZER platform, functional tests were performed od desktop app called Classroom Presentation Tool.

TestArmy work-process


  • Improving the testing process due to including certified testers into the team, to take care of software quality during each and every sprint
  • Complex testing of Classroom Presentation Tool contributed to deploying new software versions
  • Numerous mistakes with different vitality were found while performing tests on currently existing and new DiGiTiZER functionalities and were put into bugtracker, with adequate priority.

N-Educatio exhibited with a responsible attitude to testing their apps. Due to that TestArmy was able to efficiently deal with the whole testing process and effectively discover new issues.

Constant cooperation, continuous testing along with testers being involved in all stages of apps SDLC surely contributed to increasing the app’s quality. Many bugs were found and fixed in an early stage of software manufacturing lowering costs of their removal.

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