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Case Study

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Nitro Digital - Functional, GUI and SEO

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About the Company

Nitro Digital is an independent, international digital agency that helps its pharmaceutical clients differentiate themselves from their competition. By driving innovative agile solutions, Nitro Digital has become one of Europe’s largest digital healthcare marketing agencies. Nitro Digital is headquartered in London and maintains offices in India, Italy, Mauritius, New York and Poland.

Our Partnership:

We dedicated a team that exclusively works with Nitro Digital on their projects. Since Nitro Digital is an international digital agency with offices in several countries, our team members work during the working hours of Nitro Digital’s regional offices to better accommodate each office’s specific needs. We test their projects across several different platforms and on various devices.

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Why it’s Successful

In testing services, attention to detail is of the upmost importance. By dedicating a team of testers to work specifically with Nitro Digital, we have managed to create a level of familiarity between our two companies so we can help them deliver a complete, polished product to their clients.

We are able to communicate with their project managers and developers during their office hours. This allows them to send us any projects or suggestions in real time, while allowing us to ask questions if we are unsure on how a specific feature is supposed to react.

Open communication, paired with a level of familiarity enables our testers to send their results quickly, which allows Nitro Digital to deliver a clean, user-friendly product to their clients in an extremely timely manner.

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