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Case Study

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Nomtek - Functional

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About the Company

Nomtek is an European mobile app design and development agency founded in 2009 with a track record of numerous iOS and Android applications topping the application store listings. Their package includes designing the app for business value and usability, software development, testing and maintenance, publishing and project management. The company’s goal is to deliver and maintain mobile applications that astonish users with usability, reliability and beautiful graphics. Among their key clients are global companies such as Intel, Yelp, Newsweek, T-Mobile and many others.


  • Verifying that each function of the software application operates in conformance with the requirement specification
  • Testing mobile applications across different devices and platforms to make sure the app is comfortable with different screen sizes, resolutions and hardware
  • Proposing improvements for processes and product functionality


  • So far we have tested 20 applications among which are apps to buy plane tickets, make a reservation in restaurant, scan QR or even date apps
  • Every time we have verified that the application behaves as set out in the requirements and user stories. We have made sure the API calls were working fine as well
  • We have executed test cases in several environments and resolutions
  • We have found some significant issues before they were released to clients
  • Now the team at Nomtek is able to focus on making their applications beautiful while feeling confident that their applications will provide high quality digital experiences

Constant Cooperation

Our cooperation with the company started in June 2015. Now we can proudly say that Nomtek is one of our closest partners, but really more like friends.


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