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Case Study


Philips - QA



For over 130 years, Philips has been working on innovations that improve everyday life. With the production of lamps, radios, and TVs to X-ray machines and electric shavers, they seek solutions for comfort and health. Philips has been active in Poland for nearly 90 years, making it one of the biggest investors in the country. They are currently focusing on three sectors: healthcare, consumer products and lighting.

Starting Situation:

Philips has decided to launch another innovation in the form of the unique Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Amethyst, which has joined their product line of Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrushes. The unique purple toothbrush is designed and developed by trend analysts, designers and specialists from Philips in order to ensure that the user is comfortable and stylish in their oral care. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Amethyst offers five personalized programs that allow the user to customise their oral care experience: clean, white, polish, gum care and sensitive.

TestArmy – Philips sonicare


Cleaning Teeth with an Application

With a dedicated smartphone application (available on Google Play and the App Store) that is compatible with DiamondClean Smart and Philips FlexCare Platinum Connected brushes, users can benefit from many previously unavailable features such as a progress check, reminders or tips on proper brushing in relation to their selected program. With the introduction of such an extensive application, Philips decided to cooperate with TestArmy.

TestArmy multiple platforms icon

Testing the Smiles of our Testers

Our task was to verify the application on three levels:

  1. Validation of functionality
  2. Attractive appearance for the user
  3. Verification of the contents on the Polish version of the application

Challenges facing our team:

  • Analysis of texts in the application and the verification of their correctness according to customer specifications
  • Application analysis and verification of its’ usability
  • Application verification in terms of graphics according to customer guidelines
  • Simultaneous operation of two devices: smartphone and brush
  • Verification of the toothbrush’s compatibility with the device
  • Functional tests on many Android and iOS devices.

QA Process

After implementing the Philips Sonicare application update and receiving the brushes, our team started performing functional tests. The testes were conducted by a team of 3 testers, each ISTQB FL certified. The testers tested the application on the 10 newest Android and iOS devices.

TestArmy work-process


  • Our testers spent more than 80 hours performing functional and graphical user interface tests.
  • The testers analyzed the compatibility of the content within set specifications
  • As a result of the tests, errors were found, most of which were related to deficiencies or errors in translations. Several other important errors were also identified.

Philips received and implemented our recommendations for the newest version of the Philips Sonicare application. The app is attractive and user-friendly with over 10,000 users (according to the Android Play Store). Repairing the discovered bugs will allow the customer to improve the performance of their application and deliver a better everyday experience.

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