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Case Study

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Rendra - Functional

TestArmy Rendra

About the Company

Rendra is a Norwegian company born out of a need for a mobile, easily accessible and user-friendly BIM (Building information modeling) platform. Rendra works with construction professionals in order to ensure that the application depicts important information for site managers and contractors. The program Rendra created includes many features that allow contractors and managers to see different layers of the building process and real time construction status on their mobile devices. But how could proper functional testing services improve their product?


Rendra wanted to be certain that their complex technology would work flawlessly by the time it hit their clients’ devices. In order to fulfill their needs, we decided to perform a series o functional testing activities on numerous different devices.


  • In order to quickly accomplish goals, we maintained open communication with Rendra’s developing team and freely discussed the functional testing issues with them.
  • To ensure we were on the same page, we held daily meetings to report our results as well as to plan and prioritize our next steps.
  • Open communication paired with a sprint regime allowed us to work with the developer’s requests and fix bugs in an extremely timely manner.
  • Because we developed a solid working relationship with the developers, we were able to suggest changes in functionalities to help make the application more user-friendly. This proves once again that building relationships with clients benefits not only them, but their customers as well.

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