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Case Study

Resolver - Automation

About Resolver

Resolver is a UK-based service that supports companies in managing clients’ complaints, facilitates the contact process and communication with consumers. They cooperate with some of the UK’s leading consumer rights experts, broadcasters and advice groups, to guarantee both sides the best outcome of every case.


TestArmy specialists have supported three of Resolver’s teams. Our engineers have participated in daily activities such as ad hoc meetings and scrum ceremonies. Their task was to design the test automation process. Additionally, they were responsible for preparing, monitoring and conducting tests in a Continuous Integration environment. They’ve advised on tools and methods that’ll guarantee the highest software quality. They’ve also checked the product’s performance.

They’ll independently make suggestions on how we can change our approach and get better results. Their developer is fully integrated with the in-house development team, making it easy to coordinate work and stay on schedule. Thanks to their work, there haven’t been any major issues with the live product thus far.

Hattie Burt, Head of Projects, Resolver



Product Owner has set user stories that were essential for test automation. TestArmy’s engineers were to automate these tests. They suggested tests on API and user interface level with BDD/Gherkin syntax. In addition, they advised on how to increase code coverage with unit tests in order to optimize performance and shorten the overall testing process to fully leverage Continuous Integration.

TestArmy multiple platforms icon

Tools we used

  • Protractor
  • Typescript
  • CucumberJS
  • CircleCI
  • BrowserStack
  • Docker
  • Git
  • Jira


  • We’ve gained client’s trust and we were able to support him in production process optimization
  • We’ve increased React app code coverage on a unit testing level
  • We’ve reduced the time required to perform tests
  • We’ve prevented any major bugs slip to production

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