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Case Study

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Snow Cannon Games - Exploratory Tests

TestArmy snow cannon games

About the Company

Snow Cannon Games is an independent Norwegian video game publisher that thinks outside the box and doesn’t always conform to mainstream interests. The veteran team at Snow Cannon Games is committed to helping the underserved voices of the gaming community build their own titles in order to help them deliver a quality product and reach a broader audience.

Starting Situation:

Our job was to assist Snow Cannon Games in delivering another one of their high-quality games by running exploratory tests on their new project before it was released to the public. This would give them a chance to fix any high priority bugs and be confident that their customers would have the best user experience possible.

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Test envirovment

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In order to test this mobile game for Snow Cannon Games, we sat down and listened to their needs. We discussed what would be the best for their target clients and then did the following:

  • Tested the game on over 50 mobile devices and various versions of Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Conducted specific retesting as well as regression testing
  • Created a bug report in which we detailed the expected action, the failed action and other information
  • Generated a list of functional suggestions in order to make the game more enjoyable for the user
  • Shared our experiences as a user, and then which versions should be supported and which versions shouldn’t be supported due to
TestArmy work-process


Just like with any other project we do, we believe that the number one priority in order to guarantee a client’s satisfaction is to build a relationship with them. This allows us to understand their company and the product they want to present to their customers.

Maintaining open communication with the developers at Snow Cannon Games enabled us to create a detailed bug report customized to their needs and also allowed us to add value to our services by being able to suggestion functional changes that would make user experience even better on specific devices.

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