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Case Study

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About the company

Our customer (let’s name it “Customer” for the purpose of this case study) is a firm that has been active on the international market for nearly 20 years. Originally focused on the distribution of software, Customer later decided to create in-house software with an emphasis on video games. Currently they create high-budget games for all major platforms and have released over 20 games.

The mission:

Customer asked us to assist them in seeing if their live service could support a target number of concurrent users. In addition, our colleagues at Customer were curious to know how fast their site can be displayed during high traffic periods for users in The United Kingdom, United States and Poland. Apart from performance testing, we were asked to assess Customer’s competitors in terms of page load time and compare them with Customer’s site. The biggest challenge in testing was the fact that service is live and connected to several 3rd party subsystems like payment gateways or anti-fraud services.

TestArmy Prepare e commerce for Christmas


The test preparation period lasted a total of 13 days, during which we prepared and conducted several initial tests related to our mission. The final test took 8 hours and checked the performance of Customer’s software at various load levels, including a level over the target requirement.

Performance tests discovered that at the target load level, small percentages of payment transactions are not processed correctly. Competitor’s assessment and checking site performance from other location showed that Customer’s sites are displayed much faster than competitors’ sites in Poland and the United Kingdom. However, in United States, competitors’ sites are presented to the user faster.

TestArmy home page median chart

Our results showed that the median display times for Customer’s home page displayed quickest in Poland and the United Kingdom, while times in the United States were lagging behind. In order to ensure that we had comprehensive data we used different devices, browsers and network connections.  

TestArmy timings chart

While load times in the United States may have been slower, Customer’s site home page loaded significantly faster than its competitors’ in almost every category, as seen above. Our other tests yielded similar results, enabling Customer to be confident that they were delivering a high quality product to their users.


Our test results led to an investigation of problems and improvements. It is worth to mention that we shared information about tools we used so Customer’s team was able to investigate problems on their own.

Working with Customer was a great experience for us and we were able to help them identify problem areas by pinpointing performance weaknesses. It was our pleasure to help Customer test the performance of their product that reaches their customers across the world. We always look forward to working on challenging products for companies, like Customer, who take pride in delivering the best products for their users.

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