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Case Study

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YaCap - Functional, UX

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About the Company

YaCap is a ride-sharing application that allows users to negotiate a price and discuss the specifics of carpooling. The application enables drivers to enter a route and the number of free seats available in their car as well as see potential passengers along his/her route. It seeks to connect people who want to go somewhere with people who have free space in their car and would like to earn money along their way.

Our Mission:

YaCap came to us and wanted our help in testing the functionality of their application as well as UX testing. We tested the application on 30 of the most popular iOS and Android devices.

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In addition to UX testing, we also carried out scripted testing under the direct supervision of the YaCap developing team that allowed us to deliver real-time feedback. Our main goal throughout the entire testing process was to ensure that the application had no quality issues and was running smoothly.

The entire testing process took about 2 months. This also included the UX testing by our testers located in the Middle East.  Since the application was originally designed for the Middle Eastern market, we sourced testers from several countries in that region. This guaranteed that our client would get the best feedback in terms of UX and the usability of GPS technologies.

Besides carrying out scripted testing while being in direct contact with developers, we also conducted weekly meetings via Skype to ensure that the entire process was going according to plan and we could answer any questions or discuss any new ideas that may have come up.

When dealing with applications that involve location services/GPS it’s important to source testers from the client’s targeted region or population. Most of the time this can prove to be very challenging, however we have an extensive database of testers that allows us to accommodate such requests.

In all, the developers at YaCap were extremely satisfied with our ability to source testers in the desired locations and to carry out high quality tests on their project. And we have since been in contact with them about new projects and look forward to cooperating with them in the future.

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