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Case Study

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YachtLife - QA

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YachtLife is a yacht charter company based in Miami, Florida. Their web, Android and iOS application allows users to charter a luxury yacht for a day, half day, or multiple days on the water.

YachtLife application has over 50 000 active users, many of whom are high-net-worth individuals, such as celebrities, pro-athletes, and C-suite executives. Sam Lepak, head of marketing and a project manager reached out to TestArmy, looking for a fast, dynamic and flexible quality assurance partner.

Starting situation:

Initially, the YachtLife team was doing their own testing, but sometimes a defect that affected all users slipped through in the process. They wanted to ensure a great experience every time they rolled out a new feature or a new app update, so new functionalities needed to be  checked on multiple devices. YachtLife also needed a partner who could accommodate the work dynamics of their project and a tool they use for defect tracking.

TestArmy YachtLife

With high-profile users we have in YachtLife, we simply can’t afford any major defect to slip into production. TestArmy was very straightforward and transparent and helped us determine what we need.

Sam Lepak, Head of Marketing, YachtLife



YachtLife decided to try TestArmy out with two-week discovery period. During that time, a TestArmy QA specialist, Lukas could get to know the product, and the YachtLife team could decide whether he’s the right person for the project. Lukas comprehended the job quite quickly and the cooperation went to full-time.

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QA process

Each time a new feature was built in, Lukas performed regression testing, user experience testing, edge-case testing, exploratory testing and identified discrepancies across platforms. His task was to cover as much of new functionality with tests within a set timeframe and report and track defects to Pivotal Tracker. Lukas was able to complete these tasks, as well as making suggestions based on the incompatibility of how the app functions on Android and iOS. He also spotted some security issues in the YachtLife app during the process.

TestArmy Łukasz Kononowicz

Lukas, our QA specialist
“One of the best projects I’ve had a chance to participate in. Contact and cooperation with Yachtlife team is just perfect!”


TestArmy have a nice and simple way to decide about working together before going full-time. They proposed Lukas for a two-week discovery period (at an attractive flat rate) and he turned out to be the perfect match for us. Seeing how flawless our communication has gone, to us, we feel that Lukas is a part of our core team.

Sam Lepak, Head of Marketing, YachtLife

  • Lukas, TestArmy’s QA specialist was able to cover 93% of every new feature in the YachtLife app with tests, assuring and improving functionalities.
  • 0 major defects have slipped through Lukas’ process into production.
  • The YachtLife team saved 80 hours monthly, allowing them to focus on developing new features and updates to the app.

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