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Case Study

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Yves Rocher - E-commerce, UX, Functional

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About the Company

Yves Rocher is an internationally recognized French cosmetic company that has been on the market for over 50 years. The basis of its’ business is production of natural cosmetics for face and body care as well as make-up accessories. The company’s mission is to create cosmetics that are in harmony with nature. Yves Rocher, is one of the few companies that controls all stages of product development from certified farmer breeding to production and distribution. They also have an online store that needed functional testing  and UX services.

According to the most recent data, Yves Rocher operates in 88 countries with over 1400 outlets and 5 factories. They specialize in sales through their online store (which accounted for 44.9% of their sales according to data from 2005) and in retail sales with their network of company-owned stores.


We needed the support of independent QA and UX professionals who could verify that the online store was functioning correctly after we implemented changes. Our cooperation with TestArmy has helped us improve the process of implementing changes and brought many solutions to us through their reports.

Karol Bzymek, Digital and IT Manager at Yves Rocher Polska

Our Mission

Our Mission

Yves Rocher commissioned us to perform functional testing and UX tests on their online store. Our job was to test all functionalities, modules and components through the eyes of their customers and find errors that they could improve upon. In addition, the Yves Rocher team wanted to find out how users were using the site and how to make it more user friendly and to make shopping a more enjoyable experience. The overall goal of our mission was to increase the conversion rate on their page.

TestArmy work-process


  • The subject of the tests was the online store, which we tested in both desktop and mobile versions
  • Functional testing services were conducted by a group of 48 certified testers, including 3 working in our headquarters and 45 from the TestArmy crowd testing platform
  • The testers carried out tests of their online store on computers with different system configurations, on six different web browsers and on thirty mobile devices (smartphones and tablets)
  • After conducting the functional testing activities, our UX team performed an expert verification of the usability of the site by setting up a research hypotheses, setting up a test group and creating a specific test scenario
  • Next, a remote study was conducted with users (including moderator), in a group of 32 people
  • Functional testing and UX experts tested the key functions of the online store in addition to user registration, user account editing, product search and the purchasing process
  • During the tests we reported 247 errors (functional, text, usability, technical and security). Each error had a valid message describing its’ situation.
  • Based on the research with our users, our UX team detected dozens of critical points on the site that put users at a disadvantage. Some of these included: filtering, use of the search engine, product delivery and shopping summary
  • All usability errors discovered on the site were reported along with recommendations on how to correct them
  • In conclusion, our functional testing activities and UX analisys took 32 hours and resulted in a 104 page long report and 86 recommendations for usability changes.

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