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Have you ever dreamed of having an extra salary just by telling people what they did wrong?

Fair Payment

Earn money by telling us your opinion about software. The payments are proportional to the complexity of the task. For a regular usability test you would earn around 20 Euros or 15 Pounds for example. There’s usually a fixed amount for your test report and additional payment for every Bug (defect) you find. If you find serious technical Bugs, you’ll earn even more!

Data Privacy

Your personal information is stored in a safe place; our servers are in Germany, one of the strictest countries in terms of data protection. Your personal data will never be given to third parties. We need it so we can always find the right tester for the job.


All you need is a device which allows you to go online – you are probably using one right now. If you are interested in trying out software and giving us your feedback about it, you have all the qualities that are needed to become a member of our Testing Army! If you decide that you want to know more about testing, we’re happy to teach you.

Flexible hours

When you are invited to a test, you’ll see all the deadlines. It’s up to you if you want to take part or not. You can choose to test during the daytime or at night at your convenience.

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