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A full professional toolkit that allows unleashing the full potential of every team. Facilitates cooperation and communication as well as task management and resources planning.



Great tools designed to test and maintain software’s high quality for IT teams. They support cooperation in the team and help with test optimization and automation.



Independent, convenient software for conducting web and mobile apps load tests.


As a Silver Solution Partner, TestArmy guarantees the best support for Atlassian products. If you’re looking to maximize benefits coming from agile methodologies usage, you have a great team and you want to run projects in DevOps workflow or think of implementing 3 stages of perfecting automation (Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment) - you can do this with our help with the utilisation of Atlassian toolkit.

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As a SmartBear’s close partner, in spite of selling, we want to implement their tools and solutions the best way possible. Our help guarantees the safe and efficient use of these tools. TestArmy specialist and SmartBear products combined equal high-quality code with as few defects as possible. Test automation and increase in test efficiency are here to take.

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KnowIT is a company that creates digital opportunities and long-term value for companies, combines strategic skills with a passion for technology and creative solutions

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A very user-friendly tool for running, maintaining and analyzing reliable load tests, that can be conducted from a web application. OctoPerf fully supports Apache JMeter™, so there’s no migration effort while moving from JMeter. We’re certified OctoPerf partner and we’re fully capable of implementing the tool to achieve its full potential.

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