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Atlassian is a producer of top-notch software, that helps in inner process development and augmenting workflows, designed mostly for developers and project managers. The company focus on supporting implementing agile methodologies and their flagship products are Jira and Confluence. Atlassian’s solutions are used by ⅔ Fortune 500 companies and the number of organizations that make use of them is 135,000+.


TestArmy’s role

As a Silver Solution Partner, TestArmy is authorised to sell licenced Atlassian products. Our role is to support our clients in using them in the most beneficial and effective way. Atlassian tools will be very helpful in for example implementing or developing agile methodologies, perfecting automation (according to Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Development pipeline) or to amplify workflow processes.

Atlassian - products in TestArmy’s portfolio

JS Jira Software
BB Bitbucket
CF Confluence
JS Jira Service Desk
PJ Portfolio for Jira
BB Bamboo

Jira Software

A tool used in software development, used by teams working in agile environments. It allows planning, tracking and releasing software.


A product that allows collaboration on code and managing Git repositories to build, test and.


A tool for sharing documents and files, that facilitates coworking and boost teams performance.

Jira Service Desk

A tool that simplifies problem-solving, equipped in a bundle dedicated for support teams.

Portfolio for Jira

An add-on built for Jira Software that allows agile roadmapping.


A tool used for Continuous Integration, Deployment and Release management. To ensure the most efficient utilization you can use over 150 add-ons that are available in the Marketplace store or create a custom one.

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