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Privacy and cookie files policy

Dear User,
we created our privacy and cookie files policy for you in order to know why we need to ask for your personal data and why we do it. We do our best to guarantee you the highest possible level of privacy protection, while you use our services.

  1. Who is your personal data administrator ?

    The administrator of your personal data and the the subject deciding about the way your data will be used is TestArmy Group S.A. with headquarters in Wrocław, Poland (zip code 53-238), on Petuniowa 9/5 street, later on referred to as “the company”.

  2. How can you contact us ?

    If you wish to obtain information regarding how your data is processed in the company, you can contact us via email: [email protected]. We will answer your all questions.

  3. What is the purpose and the legal basis behind personal data processing ?

    The company can process your data in case of:

    1. you have subscribed to our newsletter – your data is used to send you information, reports and guides prepared by the company’s experts, detailed case studies and other interesting articles. Information on this topic is available via email, because you have subscribed to our newsletter. It means we process your personal data on the basis of your consent [art. 6(1)(a) of GDPR],
    2. sending you marketing and business information – we process your data to inform you about events related with promotion of the company, organized webinars, events and our job offers [art. 6(1)(a) of GDPR],
    3. you have filled out the contact form – it is in justified business of the company to be able to communicate with and answer questions you ask [art. 6(1)(f) of GDPR],
    4. context based marketing (not matching user preferences) and behavioral marketing (matched to user preferences) – it is our justified business to market our products and services, so you can sometimes see ad advertisement of our products on websites and social networks, which in case of context based marketing is our justified business and is a basis of data processing [art. 6(1)(f) of GDPR] and in case of behavioral marketing the basis of processing is your consent to letting us use cookie files or other technologies [art. 6(1)(a) of GDPR],
    5. prospective settling and claims or protection against such claims – data processing is performed on the basis of legally justified interests of the company [art. 6(1)(f) of GDPR].
  4. What data do we collect ?

  5. Newsletter
    If you have subscribed to our newsletter, we only require your email address.
  6. Contact form
    If you contact us with a contact form, we ask you about your name and email address of phone number, so we can contact you and answer your question.
  7. Formularz kontaktowy
    Kontaktując się z nami za pośrednictwem formularza, prosimy Cię o podanie imienia i nazwiska oraz adresu email lub numeru telefonu, co pozwoli nam na kontakt i odpowiedź na zadane przez Ciebie pytanie.
  8. Who has access to your personal data ?
    Only authorized employees of the company, IT systems administrators who provide services on behalf of the company, hosting providers – Home.pl S.A. with headquarters in Szczecin, Poland and a company providing online marketing services – GetResponse sp. z o.o. with headquarters in Gdańsk, Poland.Moreover, information you provide us with may be made available to appropriate authorities, if the binding laws say so.
  9. Where do we keep your data ?

    Your personal data may be transferred outside the European Economic Area to Google LLC and Facebook Inc. on the basis of appropriate legal measures, which are standard clauses in personal data protection contracts ratified by the European Commission.

  10. How long will we keep your data ?

    Your data will be processed for a fixed period, so in case of:

    1. the newsletter – your data will be processed until you withhold your consent. You can do it anytime, i.e. by informing us about your will via email: [email protected]. It will not affect the processing done basing on your consent before you have withheld it,
    2. sending business and marketing information – your personal data will be processed until you withdraw your consent. It can be done anytime, e.g. by informing us about your will via email: [email protected]. It won’t affect the processing performed legally before the consent withdrawal,
    3. contact form – your data will be processed only for time needed to answer your question or until you voice your objection to further contact,
    4. context based advertising – data collected using cookie files will be used until you voice your objection to such usage,
    5. behavioral advertising – data collected using cookie files or other similar technologies will be used until you voice your objection regarding this matter and withdraw your consent, which you can do anytime.

    Moreover, for accountability reasons, we are going to keep the data for the period the company is obliged to keep the data or documents that contain said data to document meeting the legal requirements, including making it possible to control by public organs.

  • Do I have to leave my personal details ?

    1. Newsletter
      Leaving your personal details (such as your email address) is voluntary. If you do not consent, your data will not be processed. We would like to know, however, that in case of your withdrawal of said consent for the purposes of the newsletter, we will be unable to send you information, reports and interesting articles, thus share our knowledge with you.
    2. Sending business and marketing information
      Leaving your personal details (such as your email address) is voluntary. If you withdraw your consent for data processing, your data will not be processed anymore in this purpose.
    3. Contact form
      Leaving your contact data (email address or phone number and name) is required for us to answer your questions and contact you. Lack of such details makes it impossible to provide you with asked information.
  • What rights do I have regarding personal data protection ?

    1. Right to accessing the data:
      You have a right to access information about which of your personal data is kept by TestArmy Group. In order to do so, email us: [email protected]
    2. Right to data rectification:
      You have a right to rectify your personal information, if they’re incorrect or to supplement them if they’re deficient.
    3. Right to data limitation:
      You have a right to request us to limit the data processing only to storing it. You can do it especially, when:


  1. you notify us that your data is not complete and the company will limit all data processing until verifying the data correctness,
  2. if the company ceases to need your personal data, but they are needed to file or reject a claim,
  3. if you oppose data deletion, you can request limitations.
  • Right to data deletion(‘right to be forgotten’):
    You have the right to delete your personal data processed by the company anytime. Remember, that this right is not absolute. You won’t be able to use it for example in following situations:

    1. the time the company is obliged to keep the accounting documents has not passed, yet,
    2. you have pending payments to the company,
    3. your service is being realized,
    4. the time you could file claims regarding your contract has not passed, yet.
  • Right to raise objections against the processing of your personal information:
    If the company processes your data basing on its justified legal interests, you have a right to raise objections against such processing anytime.
  • Right to transferring the data:
    The right to transferring the data concerns those people, whose data the company processes:

    1. in an automated way and performs the processing basing on a contract or
    2. in an automated way and performs the processing basing on a voiced consent.

If one of above mentioned situations occurs, you have the right to request transferring your data. In such circumstances the company, after verifying the claimant, creates a copy of the data and transfers it to the claimant or or another data administrator indicated by the claimant.

  • Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority:
    If you believe that the company processes your personal data in a wrong way, contact us in order to clarify the issue. You can also lodge a complaint to Prezesa Urzędu Ochrony Danych Osobowych (GDPR authority in Poland), ul. Stawki 2, 00-193 Warsaw, Poland.
  • Is my data being used for profiling activities ?

    The company may conduct profiling, which is a form of processing that relies on using your data for analyses or prognosis regarding personal preferences and interests related to our business. The company does not make decisions based solely on automated processing, that would result in legal effects affecting you. For these purposes, the company relies mainly on cookie files and similar technologies.

  • What are the cookie files ?

    Cookie files are small text files sent by websites and saved on your computer, cellphone or other device and containing information about navigating our website. Thanks to cookie files, using or websites is easier and more friendly. Cookie files are not harmful and are commonly used by all kinds of websites.

  • Why do we use cookie files ?

    We use cookie files in the following purposes:

    1. to make using our website easier and let it work correctly,
    2. to improve our website by estimating statistics and use patterns, by adapting the website to individual needs of our users,
    3. we can use the cookie files to gather information letting us display advertisements of our products or services, both from our website and from websites of third parties, basing on analysis of your browsing habits.
  • Do I have to agree on using cookie files ?

    It is up to you to decide whether you agree on us using the cookie files. Remember that changing settings regarding the cookies may result in decreasing the service’s functionality. Decision in this matter can be undertaken during your first visit on our website. At this point, an information about the cookie files is displayed. You can “disable the cookie files” or “accept the cookie files”. Upon accepting the cookie files, you agree to let us use them in marketing purposes (behavioral advertising). Moreover, you can change cookie files settings in your web browser or delete them completely. Web browsers manage cookie settings in a number of ways. You will find more information regarding this matter in your web browser’s menu.

    You can also change settings regarding the cookie files in your web browser. If you leave the settings untouched, the files will be left saved in your device’s memory.

  • Cookie files and social tools

    Our website may use cookie files of third parties. It is related to the plugins and other tools we use and that are made available by social networking services.

    Our website uses the following social network plugins:

    1. Facebook (Facebook Inc., 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, California, 94025, USA),
    2. LinkedIN (LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company, Wilton Place, Dublin 2, Irland),
    3. Twitter (Twitter, Inc. 1355 Market Street Suite 900. San Francisco, CA 94103. United States)

    Using the plugins will cause a direct connection of your profile on the server of an appropriate social networking service. Such service may then access information about you visiting our website from your IP address. If you visit our website while being logged into your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin profile, they will receive information about your visit. Even though you are not logged in the social networks, they are able to obtain information about your IP address. Social networks do not provide us with information about the goal and scope of their data gathering activities nor the ways ways they use this data. If you do not want the social networks to obtain information about your visits on our website, we advise you to log out of these services prior to visiting our website. The goal, scope and settings of cookies of third parties are independent from us and are described in privacy policy documents of respective service providers, that are available below:

    1. Twitter – https://twitter.com/en/privacy
    2. LinkedIN – https://www.linkedin.com/legal/privacy-policy,
    3. Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/legal/FB_Work_Privacy.

Rozporządzenie Parlamentu Europejskiego i Rady (UE)2016/679 z dnia 27 kwietnia 2016 r. w sprawie ochrony osób
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dyrektywy 95/46/WE (ogólne rozporządzenie o ochronie danych osobowych), Dz. U. UE.L. 2016.119.1 z dnia 04.05.2016 r.,
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