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Test Automation

TestArmy Testy Autoamtyczne

Adopting agile software development methodologies and DevOps practices is mandatory for organizations that want to meet user’s expectations.

Ability to deliver a new version daily, or even multiple times a day is desirable. But how to keep the code and product quality high with such a pace? Test automation is the key to the process. It lifts test effectiveness while eliminating the necessity to perform dull, repeatable tasks manually. Each new feature, change or a bug fix has to be covered with automation scripting. That leaves room for creative exploration and contributes to overall test coverage.

Test Automation service provides you with:

  • Operatable test environment
  • Test Data Management
  • Choice of right tools
  • Unique, hands-on know-how

TestArmy lifts your test automation to a new level

Investing in novelties and adopting them to your workflow is crucial for keeping up with the industry. For example, such practices as Behavior Driven Development play a big role in facilitating communication between analysts and the development team, by serving as “executable” documentation.

Our specialists design, implement and integrate automated tests that create the most efficient solutions leveraging the best practices and leading tools and technologies. We focus not only on functional testing but also on performance testing and initial security screening. By close cooperation with client’s teams, we contribute to raising the effectiveness which leads to augmenting quality culture across the whole organization.

Continuous Integration/Delivery

Speed and quality are indicators of an organization’s maturity. Embracing Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipelines shortens time to market and improves the overall quality, but requires heavy automation to operate properly. Testing is getting increasingly complex but assuring seamless interconnectivity is worth the effort. CI/CD benefits all stakeholders by providing with much more frequent and precise feedback allowing quick fixes. It opens doors for the business to verify the value and functionalities with acceptance tests. The whole process leads to the ability to push the application to production basing on a business decision.

Technologies and tools we use:

Mobile and Web testing automation

  • Protractor
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • NightwatchJS
  • Appium
  • CucumberJS
  • Katalon
  • Ranorex

API Testing

  • SoapUI
  • RestAssured
  • Supertest

Continuous Integration pipeline and assistive

  • Jenkins
  • CircleCI
  • TravisCI
  • BrowserStack
  • CrossBrowser Testing
  • BitBar

Programming languages

  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Python

Implementation process:


System’s architecture and functionality analysis. Determining an effective test automation approach on different stages and levels of system integration.


Preparing test environment, selecting the right tools and developing a test implementation plan.


Continuous cooperation on test automation, increasing knowledge base regarding best practices and tool selection.

Case Studies - Test Automation


Test automation and performance testing of a British service for managing client's complaints and facilitating client-business communication.

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Testing – case study neducatio


Testing of a SaaS educational app that uses cloud solutions. TestArmy specialists were supporting the client in functional testing and automation.

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TestArmy apator header logo


Security testing of Apator's measuring devices used in a Hungarian power station. The tests aimed at verifyng measured data safety. Automating tests performed on web services.

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