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Test Automation

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Test automation provides opportunity to test an enormously higher count of cases, than it would be possible in case of manual testing.

Test Automation

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Does repeating the same activities over and over again make any sense, if it can be automated? No, never, especially if it comes to software testing. Save time and money automating testing processes.

  • Application logic validation on the API level
  • High degree of repeatability and accurateness of regression tests
  • Lowering costs of finding bugs

Test Automation lets you

TestArmy reduce time and resource

Reduce time and resource consumption

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Widen the tests scope

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Relieve your manual testers

3 steps of Test Automation

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An analysis of system functions and architecture, preparation of a test strategy that will combine automated and manual tests.

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Matching appropriate automated testing variations to your business.

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Preparation of the environment and implementation of test. A training to teach you all you need to know about effective use of the new ecosystem.

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