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Exploratory Testing

Exploratory testing

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Exploratory testing is a widespread approach in the Agile setup, where results need to be delivered fast.

  • Exploratory testing comes from context-driven school, as opposed to scenario-based and scripted testing
  • In this approach testing is a process of evaluating the product by learning about and exploring / experimenting with it
  • You decide how many hours you want our testers to spend on your product so they can learn about it and provide feedback on its state

Exploratory Testing best qualities

100+ devices in the laboratory

Fast feedback loop

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User-like approach

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Limited documentation

3 steps of Exploratory Testing

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Quick walkthrough through your application and preparing very rough estimations.

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Environments and accounts setup, test data generation, sessions preparation.

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Test execution and producing documentation on-the-go (e.g. mindmaps or exploratory cards for test progress). Reporting bugs on the go.

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