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Performance Testing

We evaluate the performance, capacity and stability of the system. Our focus is on great user experience, not server-side metrics.

At the present time, when it comes to IT solutions, the importance of speed cannot be overemphasized. It places at the top of “the best of the apps” indicators, alongside functionality and safety. Raising the speed bar, even for just a 100ms, can result in a few percent growth in conversion or in a bounce rate drop. On the other hand, insufficient performance is one of the main reasons why your customers start looking for an alternative and eventually move to your competitors. Performance indicators are huge from a business perspective, as they really make a difference.

We provide you with:

  • Performance testing
  • Stress testing
  • Load testing
  • Stability testing

Keep track of your performance metrics and how they influence your product with TestArmy

During the tests, we’ll pinpoint all the bottlenecks and help you remove them to ensure constant stability of your products and systems.

Well-conducted performance testing can save you from situations, where a huge load disturbs your system’s operativity. Different levels of load testing support your scalability and keep you prepared for an unexpected increase in traffic.

The significance of performance testing can also be seen in the security field. Denial of service attacks are all about overloading (flooding) an app or an FTP server to disrupt its performance. Knowing your limits helps with applying security protocols that offload the server, e.x. by redirecting the traffic to standby servers.

How do we cooperate



We identify your requirements and needs and then analyse your system’s functions, architecture and infrastructure.



We construct a stress model basing on the data about your users’ typical behaviour, e.x. time spent on the service and number of simultaneous operations.


Software Testing

We perform a series of tests to simulate users activity and find your service’s limits. Load testing and stress testing - it’s all here.



We prepare a clear report that pinpoints weaknesses and bottlenecks of your application, with suggestions on how to strengthen it.

Performance Testing services


Check the loading speed of your services and individual functions. Find out how the system behaves when it reaches its limits.


Learn how your system behaves in a situation of long-term stress and how it reacts to its sudden changes and peaks.


Learn how the system performs in terms of the projected increase in user traffic, data volume etc.


Conduct testing for your web application.


Check performance metrics for your mobile application.


See the behaviour of your desktop application.


Test your system’s Graphical User Interface.


Check the communication between your app and APIs.


Test the performance of your database.


Analyze applications similar to the one of yours and make a product that is faster, more stable and useful for the final user.

Performance Monitoring

We will help you prepare tools to monitor the flow and speed of your application’s critical processes and optimize them.

Different Localizations

Analyze the performance from different points on the globe.

Technologies and tools we use:

Performance Testing

  • JMeter
  • Gatling
  • Sitespeed
  • Webpagetest
  • Smartbear

Environments and services

  • OctoPerf
  • Blazemeter
  • AWS EC2
  • Azure
  • LoadNinja


  • Grafana

Case Studies - Performance Testing


Test automation and performance testing of a British service for managing client's complaints and facilitating client-business communication.

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Nitro Digital

Functional and performance testing of Nitro Digital products - a digital marketing agency dedicated to financial, pharmaceutical and technological sector.

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Performance testing of a live service, that included verification of loading time in different regions and a complex overload testing.

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