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QA Consulting


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QA Consulting

TestArmy QA Consulting

Expert’s support in a form of a QA audit will let you analyze your processes, projects and the whole state of the company from a fresh perspective and find fields that can be improved. Each member of your team is equally responsible for the quality of your product, so:

  • Polish every element that can influence the effects of your work to perfection
  • Assess the maturity of your company’s QA using the leading TMMi standard

QA Consulting means

TestArmy objective assessment

Objective assessment of your processes and practices

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Recommendations of changes in the company

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Better motivation for your team

TestArmy perfecting your company processes icon

Perfecting your company’s processes

QA Consulting in 3 steps

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Workshops – A series of meeting with the team and assessment of the business context, existing processes and QA practices, as well as, an analysis of all those aspects that influence the product.

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Recommendations – Modeling the process using the TMMi methodology. Workshops with your team, recommendations, suggestions and assessment to help you improve your QA maturity.

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Consulting – Help at making right decisions – consulting and coaching. Our consultant will lead you in the right direction during his regular visits at your office.

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