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QA Consulting

TestArmy QA Consulting

Continuous, scalable QA process established with TestArmy

Digital transformation has brought lots of multi-layer changes in organizations’ approach to software development. Assurance-based actions have expanded and gained new meanings. Ability to build a flawless app is just a top of the iceberg. Quality Assurance is now connected with business just as much as it was connected with technicalities. QA specialists should become an integral part of the development team, serving as a connection between developers, operations and business.

QA Consulting can bring your workflow to a whole new level

There is a growing trend of companies forming internal QA departments with a purpose to get hands-on experience in a dedicated workspace. That’s an opportunity to lift their expertise so they can work on preventing issues from happening. That leads to more frequent releases, allowing quick and precise users’ feedback. On the other hand, that situation forces companies to adopt new frameworks, suited to working in cross-functional teams as well as building and maintaining quality culture across an organization. Agile/DevOps methodologies come in hand with the attitude towards connecting stakeholders while bringing speed and quality as projects baseline.
Modern business excellence assurance model requires building a right Quality Assurance strategy to meet all the requirements. And that’s where we shine.

The outcomes of a right QA solution

Zaskocz klienta wydajnością swoich produktów i systemów

Faster business value verification, validation, and delivery

Odciążenie testerów manualnych

The quality of the product maintained in all aspects (including performance and security)

Obiektywna, ekspercka ocena procesów i praktyk

A proper set of metrics for process improvement

Our process

Achieve business excellence assurance across 3 steps


Series of meetings with the team to assess the business context, existing processes and QA practices.


Process modelling using the TMMI methodology. During workshops with the team, we recommend the right approach and suggest improvements, estimating results.


Maintenance over the process with ongoing Quality Assurance Consulting and coaching. Regular meetings with your team help ensure and optimize progress.

Case Studies - QA Consulting

TestArmy YachtLife Logo


Functional testing of an app for a luxury yacht charter. Due to the high profile of users, the highest quality of the product must've been guaranteed.

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TestArmy rendra logo white


Functional testing of a BIM management app. TestArmy specialist still supports the product by continuously testing new functions and updates.

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TestArmy nomtek logo white


Long-term cooperation with a leading mobile applications developer. Our specialists have already tested 20+ apps, from a QA scanner to dating apps.

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TestArmy Greenwood Campbell logo white

Greenwood Campbell

Documentation-based functional testing of a client's website. The tests were conducted on different devices, operating systems and web browsers.

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