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Test Process Improvement (TPI)

Test Process Improvement (TPI)

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If you are struggling with your product’s quality, but can’t seem to find the fundamental reason behind the problems, it might mean you should look somewhere else. Our TPI services can help you examine your current processes and projects setup in order to spot a room for improvement.

  • We believe that everyone in the team is responsible for quality and we bring this spirit to you
  • We assess your QA maturity level, staying aligned to the leading industry standards, e.g. TMMI

Test Process Improvement services allow for

TestArmy objective assessment

Spotting bottlenecks / improvement opportunities

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Growing team motivation & adequate trainings for personnel

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Reduced development and test cycle time

100+ devices in the laboratory

Process control & increased traceability

Test Process Improvement in 5 steps

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Analyzing current needs and drivers for change – identifying current struggles and setting up goals.

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Determining areas of consideration, model and approach to be used.

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Executing test maturity assessment: preparation, data collection, analysis.

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Identifying TPI areas, planning and conducting process improvement.

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Performing TPI evaluation, identifying new challenges to overcome for more benefits.

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