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User Feedback

TestArmy Testy Użyteczności

Perform User Experience tests to learn all you need to know about your consumers’ needs and fulfil them. UX services will let you speed up your work and increase your effectiveness while verifying your product’s business value.

Consumer-centrism has brought companies to a point where there are a few main business success indicators. One of them is the users’ satisfaction. Every digital product must be easy-to-use, do its job and meet user’s expectations. The product’s usability itself is driven by a consumer, therefore they should be present at every part of the SDLC. It can be done with a Usability Testing service.

Usability testing provides you with:

  • Testers recruited to reflect your clients
  • Usability Audit - a heuristic analysis of your service
  • Cognitive Walkthrough - user behaviour simulation

User Experience Tests

We perform User Experience Tests to help your product shine among its competitors. Getting a reliable insight into your clients’ needs and an ability to compare your product’s metrics with your competition is a straight way to a higher conversion rate. UX test evaluates customer’s interaction with a product, focusing not on gathering opinions, but systematically inspecting their interaction by assessing User Interface, application’s ease of use and general usability under controlled conditions - in this case, performed by an expert. Precise feedback equals faster implementation of changes that actually increase the product’s usability.

All of these actions help to better understand the product, as a result supporting business value validation and verification by testing it in lifelike conditions. The general outcome is a better design that leads to satisfying the user while lowering the costs of development and possible redesign necessity after hitting the market.

Our offer

The User Experience Test path looks as follows:


General concept and foundations of your product’s functionalities. It allows determining what to study and what are the goals of the test.


Lo-fi and hi-fi mock-ups and a concept preparation, required for a full understanding of the product’s design and user’s interactions.


Creation of clickable and ready-for-research prototypes to be able to conduct the test in the most life-like environment.


Distilling, summarizing, and organizing usability testing results. Creation of functional recommendations descriptions.

Case Studies - User Feedback



Functional and UX testing of innovative Philips Sonicare toothbrush and a dedicated mobile app used for measuring progress in taking care of user's oral hygiene.

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logo yves

Yves Rocher

Functional testing and usability testing of the Yves Rocher e-commerce website aimed at improving the user's experience and increasing the site's user-friendliness.

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TestArmy figo


Crowdtesting with testers from different countries, that used their own bank accounts to support us in testing a new mobile payment app.

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TestArmy snow cannon games logo white

Snow Cannon Games

Thorough exploratory testing of an independent game made by SnowCannonGames. The tests were conducted on 50 mobile devices with different operating systems.

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TestArmy moniaki logo white


UX audit of a financial website's mockup. We've engaged real users interested in loans into testing the app to get the most reliable results.

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Functional and usability testing of Empik.com - remade Empik's website. The tests were conducted with the support of real users.

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TestArmy yacap logo white


UX and functional testing of a car-sharing app. The tests were conducted on 30 devices and real users were involved in the testing process.

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TestArmy soundian logo white


Usability testing of Soundian's application. The tests meant to simulate user's behaviour and his experience, from downloading the app to sharing an opinion about it on social media.

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