Crowdtesting gives you an opportunity to carry out tests using many testers which shortens the time and reduce costs.


The main advantage of crowd testing is the ability to reach a large number of people, their skills and knowledge. Using crowd testing, testers can be your target audience, and therefore you receive first-hand feedback from the users themselves. Furthermore, you will find out what their needs are, what they are missing on the site or in your application.The power of the crowd gives you tremendous opportunities, testing by many testers often shortens the testing time and makes it more efficient and, at the same time, much more cost-effective.


  • CUSTOMIZATION – you provide the requirements, we filter our database for your needs.
  • REAL FEEDBACK – get the feedback from real users, real devices operating in real world.
  • DEVICE COVERAGE – our platform has more than 5000 testers with all devices you need
  • TIME SAVING – the power of crowd will give you the ability to run multiple test cycles at the same time
  • COST EFFECTIVE – get a comprehensive test coverage, access to many testers and devices without major investment.


We are proud to operate a platform with 5000+ testers, ready for upcoming tasks 24/7. They come from different countries, environments, societies, using different devices, so we are sure we will find your target group there. Dedicated lead or project manager will coordinate their work to provide crowdtesting services and a final report. Depending on the requirements of the Client we can build a dedicated team of several or more testers with specific skills and qualifications. We can run test at every hour of the day and night. After few days, you will receive a detailed test report listing the errors and recommendations for improvements.