Functional Testing

Functional tests allow you to check whether the application meets the requirements of the functional specification.

How we work

Our work is conducted efficiently and effectively thanks to our developed standards and process. A dedicated coordinator will communicate with you and discuss any problems we encounter or any new ideas or questions you might have. Yes, we know that it’s very important to you.

The final result of our cooperation will be a report containing all the errors in the application. Errors will be grouped and arranged according to the scale of importance. We will tell you which of the detected errors should be remedied first, to create a positive user experience and further develop the digital product or service.


  • COVERAGE – have your software checked on multiple devices and/or browsers.
  • SAVINGS – hire testers according to your needs, pay only for the hours they have worked
  • LESS RISK – discover bugs and lower the risk of failures in future
  • FRESH PERSPECTIVE – independent testing discovers what was previously invisible
  • TEST DOCUMENTATION – test scenarios and cases can be reused in next projects


Functional testing is always the largest in terms of scope and effort. It is also one of the most important parts of software verification process. You need to be sure you hire qualified and experienced specialist for your functional testing. With our fresh perspective we quickly detect errors that were previously invisible. Our testers can handle any job by conducting exploratory testing (independently learning and discovering the functions of the application),  or by following a prepared test scenario.


We offer exploratory or structured (scenario-based) functional testing within different cooperation models: dedicated testers/teams, body leasing, in- and outsourcing. Choose the model that suits you best. The secret behind the quality of our services is our team of experienced, trained and ISTQB certified testers. We have extensive laboratory facilities, complete variety of smartphones, tablets and computers with different systems and browsers. This allows us to see how the application is really running on the device and detect errors.

Our advantages

 5000+ testers in cloud

 50+ super-skilled testers in HQ

100+ devices in our lab

100% certified
ISTQB testers