Performance Testing

Performance testing determines the system's behavior under specific workloads and helps to eliminate its bottlenecks.

Performance Testing

Testy Wydajnościowe

Weak performance in conditions far from extreme are the main reason people quit using web services and apps . Make sure it does not happen to you.

  • Find out what is the real performance of your service and locate its limitations
  • Learn how to avoid potential performance related problems
  • Don’t let increased traffic on your website cause any disturbances

Performance Testing allows you to

high-end performance

Surprise your customers with sheer speed of you products and systems


Ensure constant stability of your products and systems

objective assessment

Track down the problems and find out how to solve them

Learn how to perform performance tests on your own

Performance Testing in 4 steps

Reconnaissance – identification of your requirements and needs. Analyses of your system’s functions, architecture and infrastructure.

Construction of a stress model basing on the data about your users’ typical behaviour: their time spent on the service and number of simultaneous operations.

Software testing: performing a series of tests to simulate activity of any number of users.

Preparation of a clear report that will pinpoint weak spots of the application and suggest how to strengthen it.

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