Performance Testing

Performance testing determines the system's behavior under specific workloads and helps to eliminate its bottlenecks.


At the beginning of every test, our experts get more familiar with the server efficiency expectations and define the requirements. After analyzing the functions and infrastructure of the system, testers review typical user behavior (by interviewing the system owner, checking data from Web Analytics tools, or application logs). On this basis, our team builds a load model, which contains information about user actions and their visit on the site, as well as the percentage of users performing the action. After running tests, we indicate locations that are responsible for insufficient system performance. The test ends with a detailed report, in which we describe potential causes for low performance.


Software performance testing is designed to check the load of a server, database, application, or website. It allows you to discover the capabilities of a system under investigation and capture inefficient components that need to be altered or improved. It sometimes happens that a page or application loads for too long or does not load at all (for example by a large amount of traffic on the page). This kind of bugs often results in losing customers, who may never come back to your website or application again.


  • Check the resistance to sudden load increase
  • Check the system stability
  • Find the bottlenecks that reduce performance and get recommendations for modifying them
  • Identify issues that may lead to data loss
  • Get the tests scripts that you will be able to use in future tests